Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs started the game against the Giants in San Francisco on the 9th and contributed to the come-from-behind victory by hitting three hits, including two bases.

Suzuki, who entered the game at No. 3 and right, attempted to steal a base after reaching base on a foreball in his first at-bat, but was out.

In the second at-bat of the fourth inning, he caught a slider closer to the outfield and hit a two-base hit to right-center, and in the third at-bat of the seventh inning, chasing one run, the leadoff hitter carried it to center field for the second consecutive game with multiple hits.

With Suzuki's hit, the Cubs then created a bases-loaded chance and scored three runs on two timely shots to turn the game around.

Suzuki, who also hit a left-hander in the fourth at-bat of the eighth inning to give up three hits in a game for the third time this season since May 8, went 4-for-5 to raise his batting average to 17-for-3-1.

The game ended with the Cubs coming from behind to win 3-3 and stop their losing streak at four.

Masanao Yoshida 4-hit no-hitter

Masanao Yoshida of the Red Sox pitched a four-hit no-hitter in the game against the Yankees in New York.

Yoshida, in his first year in the big leagues, will face the Yankees, who have traditionally been rivals with the Red Sox.

The opposing starter was one of the best pitchers in the big leagues, Gerrit Cole, and Yoshida had a light fly in his first at-bat.

In the second at-bat, he pulled an in-course 2-kilogram fastball, but the second liner, the third at-bat, was also hit by a sharp fastball to left field.

In the fourth at-bat of the seventh inning, against the third pitcher, he fell on a fly to left field, and his four-hit no-hitter stopped his hitting streak at three, dropping his batting average to 4-for-1.

The Red Sox won their first game against the Yankees, 1-2.

Yoshida: "I didn't hear the booing"

Yoshida played at Yankee Stadium in New York for the first time, and there were times when the fans at the opponent's home base booed Yoshida, the mainstay of the rival team.

After the match, Yoshida didn't seem to be worried, saying, "There was a lot of cheering, and even when I was defending the left, I could hear the fans well, but I couldn't hear the boos very much."

Cole, one of the best pitchers in the big leagues, threw a no-hitter and said, "I really felt the sharpness of each pitch and the strength, so I want to be ready to attack it the next time we face each other."