The result is 26 centimeters shorter than Johansson's recent personal best, 19.54 – but still meant that she won the competition by far.

Johansson's shot was 80 centimetres longer than the runner-up in the competition, Jorinde van Klinken.

Johansson's series was even and good: 18.93, 19.08, 18.96, 18.94, 18.99 and with the last push she pulled off the best of the day.

Johansson, who lives in the United States and competes for the University of Nebraska, has this year challenged the shot putter who has dominated Sweden for several years – Fanny Roos – which means that Sweden now has two shot putters at the top of the world.

The World Athletics Championships take place at the end of August. Johansson is hoping for a ticket there and a peak of form for the championship in Budapsest.

"I haven't really set a goal. But I want to bump far. I'll just do my best and we'll see how it goes, she has previously told SVT.