Landing in Miami What "meeting gift" did Messi bring?

It will make his debut against the Mexican Blue Cross on July 7

In the early morning of June 6, Beijing time, Miami International officially released a video combining all Messi's past transfer rumors, and announced the joining of Messi in this way, and they became the final winner in this Messi battle. According to previous reports, Messi will sign a contract with Miami International until 8, but can be terminated every year under quite relaxed conditions, and he still wears the number 2026 shirt in the team.


Not for the money to go through the American leagues differently

Instead of choosing the Saudi team that beckoned him with a lot of money, nor did he choose Barca, which allowed him to continue playing in Europe to continue the red and blue relationship, he chose to join Internacional Miami and will start a new chapter in his career in the United States.

Speaking about his eventual choice to join Internacional Miami, Messi said in a joint interview with Daily Sport and World Sport that the economic dimension has never been a problem or an obstacle. "If it's a matter of money, I'll go to Arabia or somewhere else, where it seems like a lot of money for me, when in fact my decision is based on other reasons and not for money." It is also reported that former Argentina and Barca boss Martino will coach Internacional Miami, so that Messi will have a chance to reunite with his compatriot manager.

Messi said he will experience MLS in a different way, enjoy every day, and at the same time have a sense of responsibility to seek victory, "do everything well and make the mind calmer". Messi's move to play in the MLS does sound like he can escape the pressure of European competition.


Bringing in other blockbuster foreign players to build a new team around Messi

It is worth mentioning that the founder of Miami International is also famous, he is David Beckham. On September 2018, 9, David Beckham announced the formation of his Miami International Football Club, where he assumed the position of president, and the team officially joined Major League Soccer in 5. However, the team's record in recent years has not been satisfactory, and the best result is only sixth place in the East in the 2020 season. This season, the team is 2022-16 in the first 5 rounds, ranking last in the Eastern Conference standings. However, with the addition of Messi, Miami International is bound to change its life.

Despite Internacional's poor record this season and currently bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, with the arrival of Messi, the team has become a new focal point in world football. At the same time, relevant reports say that after signing Messi, the team is still planning other blockbuster signings, currently Di Maria, Suarez, Busquets, Paredes and so on are on the Miami International signing list, they are all old friends or even close friends of Messi, or his comrades who held the Hercules Cup side by side with the Argentine national team. Miami International hopes to build a new competitive team around Messi, while enhancing its influence and value, and making Messi's debut in the United States feel lonely and strange.


The number of fans and debut ticket prices increased at the same time

According to local media reports, Messi had already bought property in Miami before that, where the pleasant climate and stunning beaches made it attractive to him and his family. At the same time, although Miami International is not as profligate as the Saudi team, the conditions offered to Messi are also full of sincerity.

In addition, if the team can really successfully bring in all the players on the list of signings, then Messi will be in a good mood to reunite with his old friends, which is also extremely conducive to his rapid integration into the dressing room. As soon as the news of Messi's joining came out, Miami International's tickets soared 5 times, and many media predicted that the team would become the first team in the MLS with a valuation of more than $10 billion.

Messi's superstar effect is also immediate, and it is reported that after Messi officially joined Internacional Miami, the number of fans on the club's official Instagram account has skyrocketed from 130.347 million to 200.7 million, with more than 21 million followers. He is likely to make his debut on July 481, with tickets already costing $3 against the Mexican Blue Cross and just $416 for the Miami Heat's NBA Finals G<>.


Each of them flew away and the "Meroe" era came to an end

With Messi going to play for Miami International, there is no "Mero" in the five major European leagues, and the "Mero" era is really gone. The pair, who have led more than one era in world football and have joined forces to dominate European competitions for more than a decade, are now one in Asia and the other in the Americas, and have been separated from each other on the road of their careers.

The 35-year-old chose the United States for the next leg of his career, ending his string of statistics and records in Europe. From the 2003-2004 season to the 2022-2023 season after the 21-885 season, Messi played a total of 715 games, scored 339 goals and assisted <> times in <> seasons in European football.

In the summer of 2023, Messi left the European arena he had played for for more than 20 years, and just as he chose to join Internacional Miami, another superstar Ronaldo had just finished his first season in the Saudi League. At the end of last year, Ronaldo joined Riyadh Victory, and after 20 years of circling between Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juve, he landed in the Saudi league with a huge salary. Ronaldo returned to Manchester United before leaving the European arena, and although he and the "Red Devils" co-performed such a moving plot of "returning as a teenager", the ending was not perfect.

At this point, "Mero" has all moved away from the European arena, and their data chasing me there has come to an abrupt end.

Statistics show that Ronaldo and Messi have scored a total of 1405,701 goals for European clubs in all competitions, including 704 goals for Ronaldo and 163 goals for Messi. In the Champions League, Messi scored 129 goals in 183 games and Cristiano Ronaldo scored 140 goals in 105 games. In terms of goal efficiency and contribution rate, Messi scores 1 goal every 80 minutes and 1 goal every 114 minutes; Cristiano Ronaldo scores one goal every 1 minutes and contributes one every 88 minutes.

The duo's departure seems to herald the end of an era in which their battle for goals, honours and even who is the best in history in Europe will come to an end. Away from the core stage of world football, Messi and Ronaldo each chose the next stop they thought was most appropriate. There have been new leaders such as Mbappe, Haaland, Bellingham and so on on the European scene, but in any case, "Mero" is a unique existence, and the Mero era has left people with brilliant, never-ending football memories.

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