It was after Sweden's 5-0 win against Azerbaijan that head coach Janne Andersson smoked together with Viaplay's expert Bojan Djordic. A huge onslaught, but also an aftermath and headlines that did not affect the coach significantly, at least according to himself.

"When it happened, it was important for me to do things in the right order. Then I was done. You can't hang on to a lot of old stuff, I've put that aside. It's not something I've thought about since, absolutely not, he says and continues:

"When you take this job, you should be prepared for it to be one of the most public jobs in Sweden. People think and think about the decisions you make," he says.

"People arrive daily"

Seen from the outside, the reactions were different with the media and public onslaught that awaited. How to turn off there?

"I don't read it. I don't follow the media that way. I don't sit and search for what everyone thinks. It's like when we've played games. People are allowed to think and think what they want. I can only explain how I see things. I have received tremendous support and understanding. Every day, people come up to me to show their understanding. But I have put it behind me myself.

Is it important for you to point out that you have received a lot of support?

"Yes, when we talk about it like that. If there had been many who had not given their support, it would have been sad to be reminded of it all the time.

"Will talk to the players about it"

Are you afraid that this will take a lot of focus in the upcoming collection?

"Not at all. I will talk to the players about it of course. Then we put it behind us. The sad thing is that there was a lot of talk about me instead of about the game that we won 5-0. That's not how it should be, which I will regret for them.

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