Beijing, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- "That night, I sat with Tibetan teenagers and listened to these children with light in their eyes shouting 'Guoan Guoan, Beijing Guoan', and I was very excited! ”

At the "Gathering Love, Delivering Warmth - Seminar on Youth Public Welfare Activities in Ethnic Areas" held on the 8th, Ge Qi, vice president of Sinobo Group, sighed. Although a few days have passed since the game, looking back on it, the details still struck him.

The scene mentioned by Ge Qi happened on June 6 between Beijing Guoan and Changchun Yatai. That evening, 2 Tibetan teenagers came to the Beijing Workers' Stadium to watch the game, and 40 of them entered as caddies holding hands.

The picture shows Ge Qi, vice president of Sinobo Group, making a speech. Photo by Li Taiyuan

Visiting the Chinese Super League in person is part of the public welfare activity "Sanjiangyuan, Beijing Love, Chinese Heart - Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour". Hosted by China News Service, the People's Government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province and Beijing Youth Aid Headquarters, organized by China News Network and co-organized by China Singapore Public Welfare, the public welfare activity organized 40 Tibetan teenagers from Qinghai Yushu Children's Welfare Institute to visit and exchange experientially from the "Source of Three Rivers" at an altitude of 4500,<> meters to Beijing.

That night, touched by these dream-chasing teenagers, there was also Zhang Sihua, the administrative director of Beijing Guoan Football Club. "Their excitement about sports, football and work is sincere and rustic. Seeing some children so excited that they shed tears made us feel that everything was worth it. ”

In order to welcome the children who came from afar, the "new work" as the host did its best.

The picture shows Zhang Sihua, executive director of Beijing Guoan Football Club, speaking. Photo by Li Taiyuan

Upon admission, a video of Yushu teenagers was played on a large screen in the stadium, and the names of Tibetan children were displayed on a circular LED screen in Chinese characters and Tibetan. The words were woven into a blue "hada" that wrapped around the stadium, as a gift from nearly 50,000 fans at the scene, dedicated to the children who chased their dreams.

Not only that, on June Day, these children spent a special Children's Day———— with the strong support of Sinobo Group, Beijing Guoan Football Club and Sinobo Industrial Body, they had the opportunity to walk on the lawn of "New Work" and feel the joy of galloping in the professional stadium.

Young players celebrate together after scoring a goal Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

The teenagers from Yushu also played a friendly match with the Beijing Guoan Junior Team, which was the first time that the "new work body" welcomed a Tibetan children's soccer team. After the competition, children of similar ages and similar interests became good friends who talked about everything.

"These teenagers are entering a big football stadium for the first time, running on a professional lawn for the first time, watching a Chinese Super League match live for the first time. These firsts touched the club staff deeply. Seeing the excitement and satisfaction on the children's faces, we also gained joy and happiness. Zhang Sihua sighed, this is the positive energy and emotion brought by sports and public welfare.

The plateau teenager's simple and pure love for football also deeply moved Jin Fei, deputy general manager of Sinobo Industrial Sports Company. In his eyes, because of the arrival of these children, the workers' stadium has been given more and deeper meaning, and the connotation it carries is richer.

The picture shows Jin Fei, deputy general manager of Sinobo Industrial Sports Company, speaking. Photo by Li Taiyuan

This public welfare activity brought Jin Fei a special feeling.

"I've been doing big events for more than 10 years and pay a lot of attention to detail." Jin Fei said frankly that from many details, you can see the importance that the staff attaches to the children. For example, there are not only volunteers on the site, but also team leaders and medical staff, all of whom perform their duties, and even the children go to the bathroom.

"Everyone really cares. Intentions are not in slogans, this power is very powerful. As long as you put your heart into it, you will definitely be rewarded. Jin Fei said.

Ge Qi also felt the same about this. "On behalf of Sinobo Group, I would like to sincerely thank China News Agency, China News Network and all partners for organizing such a heartful, affectionate, powerful and meaningful public welfare activity."

Children in the Beijing Workers' Stadium. Image source: ICphoto

"From this, we deeply felt the positive energy that football and sports can carry. This is the dream journey of the Yushu teenagers, but for the club, we have gained no less than the children. Zhang Sihua firmly believes that this public welfare activity has planted a seed in the hearts of children, and it will definitely bloom into a beautiful flower of national unity in the near future.

As an operator, Jin Fei revealed that many of the software and hardware of the "new work" are still being debugged. He looks forward to the children's return to work in the future, and hopes to work closely with all parties to continue to do public welfare. (End)