【Commentary】On June 6, the 8st Summer Universiade Torch Relay Departure Ceremony was held at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport.

As the official partner of the Universiade, Sichuan Airlines undertook the task of supporting the air transportation of the torch relay. Sichuan Airlines specially arranged the "Dayun" themed painted aircraft to carry out this mission. It is worth mentioning that Liu Chuanjian, the "heroic captain of China's civil aviation", was responsible for the flight. Escorted by 21 Tinder Guards, the Universiade Tinder will fly to Beijing, the first city of the Universiade Torch Relay in Chengdu.

【During the same period】 "Chinese Civil Aviation Hero Captain" Liu Chuanjian

With a high sense of responsibility and mission, we will resolutely and successfully complete the torch and tinder transportation tasks of the Chengdu Universiade, strictly control every link, obey orders, be faithful to our duties, strictly abide by discipline, and live up to our mission.

【During the same period】Shao Wei, captain of the Chengdu Universiade Torch Guard

Iron shoulder heavy responsibility, mission urging! In order to successfully complete the task of fire guard, I swear on behalf of the Tinder team, faithfully fulfill my mission, strengthen responsibility, focus on the task of fire guard, enhance ideological understanding, temper a strong work style, successfully complete the task, ensure absolute safety, and be a loyal guardian of the party and the people.

【Commentary】The Chengdu Universiade torch "Rong Huo" is taken from the abbreviation "Rong" of Chengdu, and also means "integration" and "tolerance". The torch uses the main visual color blocks of the Universiade with colorful gradients to present the enthusiastic, energetic and fashionable colorful life of Chengdu and the colorful youth of college students. The exterior design of "Rong Huo" was completed by the famous Chinese design artist Xu Liaoyuan and his team. The front of the torch uses the Sichuan giant panda as the main design element, showing Chengdu's optimistic and friendly attitude; The top of the torch incorporates the image logo of Chengdu City and the symbol of Chinese cultural heritage, the Sun God Bird; The side of the torch resembles a bronze statue in Sanxingdui, and the ancient Chinese civilization will be ignited with new vitality in the Universiade, a grand event for young people.

【During the same period】Xian Rongsheng, executive vice chairman and secretary general of the executive committee of the Chengdu Universiade, and secretary of the party group of the executive committee

The torch relay is an important event of symbolic significance in the Universiade that has attracted worldwide attention. At this moment, the Universiade fire, which symbolizes light, unity, peace and friendship, is about to board the Universiade directly flown by the "Chinese Civil Aviation Hero Crew" of Sichuan Airlines to Beijing. In two days, the Universiade torch will be relayed from Beijing, between Harbin, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Yibin, and then return to Chengdu, where the cauldron of Dong'an Lake will be lit in the eyes of the world on 4 July. We firmly believe that the Universiade torch will start from here, continue to spread the spirit of sportsmanship, ignite the passion of the Universiade, better present the image of the park city, and show the charm of Tianfu culture.

It is reported that the departure ceremony of the Chengdu Universiade Torch Relay marks that the preparations for the Chengdu Universiade have entered the final sprint stage.

Reporter He Xi reported from Chengdu

Responsible Editor: [Chen Wentao]