The Beijing Winter Olympics hired more than 1,8 volunteers to vividly interpret the "Beijing Winter Olympics Spirit"
with practical actions

Double Olympic Festival Starlight Gathering Lights Up Volunteer Golden Business Card

The fourth in a series of reports on the building of spiritual civilization

"Like all athletes, you [the volunteers] have proved that we can only be faster, higher and stronger if we are together." On April 4 last year, IOC President Bach sent a letter to all volunteers of the Beijing 7 "Double Olympics" grand event, expressing his admiration and gratitude for their efforts. The unparalleled Olympic Winter Games have come to an end, but countless moments will be remembered in history. In frame after frame, Olympic and Paralympic volunteers lit up the event with their warmth and enthusiasm. It is understood that the Beijing Winter Olympics hired more than 2022,1 volunteers. Among them, the Beijing Division accounted for 8%, the Yanqing Division accounted for 63%, and the Zhangjiakou Division accounted for 12%. Youth under the age of 25, 35 per cent, are the main force of volunteering. The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily unfolded this colorful "volunteer picture scroll", which couldn't help but make people feel a burst of warmth in their hearts...

Showing the best demeanor must pass the "four levels"

During the Winter Olympics, Li Yangning was a graduate student in sports economics and industry at Beijing Sport University, and during the Beijing Winter Olympics, she joined the award ceremony team of the National Alpine Skiing Center and became an award ceremony volunteer.

Every time an athlete walks onto the podium, the ceremonial volunteers salute the athletes with the best manners and the most beautiful smiles.

As a student of Beijing Sports University, when he learned of the opportunity to become a Winter Olympic etiquette volunteer, Li Yangning, who met the requirements of height, subject background and foreign language ability, did not hesitate to sign up. After many rounds of selection, she was selected as she wished. But the selection only passed the first hurdle, and the hard second hurdle - the "training pass" followed. In 2021, Li Yangning, together with other etiquette volunteers, participated in a one-month professional training. The content includes training in basic movements such as hand position and steps, as well as temperament improvement courses such as dance and expression management. Li Yangning said: "I am not from a professional class, to be honest, I found it difficult at the beginning of training, but the teachers have been encouraging us, and everyone has persevered, and they have made obvious progress in their own manners and etiquette norms." ”

The third level is the actual combat training of the venue. Before the start of the Winter Olympic Games, the ceremonial volunteers, under the leadership of the venue teachers, must repeatedly walk the award line to ensure that they are completely familiar and there are no blank spots. The National Alpine Ski Centre is an outdoor venue, and awards are presented outdoors, with temperatures in the minus 20 degrees Celsius on the coldest days and particularly strong winds, which is a severe test for ceremonial volunteers, who also have to do guidance services or wait on trays with medals.

"These few minutes on the award square are condensed with years of sweat and hard work of athletes, and they are their highest moments. So no matter how uncomfortable the weather conditions are, we have to give our best and pay tribute to the athletes. This is the voice of Li Yangning and his partners.

The volunteer service of the "Stands for the Disabled" warms people's hearts

Wang Zibo is one of the few disabled volunteers at the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. With the assistance of hearing aids, Wang Zibo can communicate normally like able-bodied people in volunteer service. During his service at the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, he became a "heart-warming business card" of the National Stadium with his high-quality service.

Wang Zibo in 2022 is a senior in the Department of Computer Science at Beijing Jiaotong University. Although born with hearing impairment, he signed up for volunteer selection to become an event service assistant at the National Stadium.

During the training at the venue, Wang Zibo paid special attention to the "wheelchair accessible seating area". In order to improve the viewing experience for people with disabilities, the National Stadium has carried out barrier-free renovation in many areas, and barrier-free stands have been added to the hall to reserve the seats in the best viewing positions for disabled spectators. During the Winter Olympics, Wang Zibo witnessed his colleagues guide disabled spectators to the barrier-free viewing area again and again, and the empathy generated during this period made him feel quite warm in his heart.

Wang Zibo believes that in recent years, the state's construction of barrier-free environment has enabled disabled people to live and live better, and social inclusiveness has increased day by day, which has greatly enhanced the sense of belonging of disabled people. "Welcome to the National Stadium", "What do you need help with", "Please pay attention to your feet when leaving", "Please bring your belongings"... During the service of the venue, Wang Zibo's meticulous guidance and sincere smile were affirmed by the audience and the venue manager.

Wang Zibo remembers that before the ice hockey match between the Chinese team and the German team, a foreign spectator could not find a seat, he personally guided the audience to sit down, the audience took out his mobile phone to take a photo with him, which made Wang Zibo feel the greatest joy than helping others.

Use your language talent to build bridges

As an international event, language is a bridge of communication. Among the volunteer families, volunteers from Beijing Foreign Chinese University, Beijing Second Foreign Chinese University, Foreign Affairs University, School of International Relations and other universities have made outstanding contributions to the Winter Olympics through their language advantages.

"Do you have any thoughts and suggestions for athletes from tropical countries to engage in ice and snow sports?" During the Winter Olympics, in the mixed media interview area of the National Alpine Ski Center, Su Yanyujing, a volunteer majoring in international relations from the School of International Relations, helped Filipino journalists ask questions to athletes who won men's giant slalom medals. "As a language service assistant, I am very happy to be able to give full play to the foreign language advantages of Guoguan students and do a good job in translation services." Su Yanyujing said.

Because of her professional background, Su Yanyujing has participated in many foreign-related services in volunteer activities in the past, such as providing guided tour services for foreign tourists in the Summer Palace tour guide team, working as a tour guide in the 2019 World Garden Expo International Pavilion, and introducing the venue display content for foreign friends. It is precisely with the advantages of foreign languages and rich volunteer service experience that Su Yanyujing became a language service assistant at the National Alpine Skiing Center for the Beijing Winter Olympics through various selections.

On January 1 last year, Su Yanyujing officially took up her post. Her work spans the medical field, venue media centres and mixed mining areas, and she needs to be familiar with different areas of work and provide translation services at various locations whenever needed.

Therefore, Su Yanyujing attaches great importance to the accumulation of knowledge in various professional fields related to the Winter Olympics, especially the Chinese and English expressions of some professional terms, and she takes time to memorize them every day. During the Winter Olympics, she accompanied the Chinese medical team to the meeting, translated the content of the meeting in real time, and at the same time she also translated and sent relevant notices in the medical field to medical officers and delegation doctors in various countries, and her work became more and more smooth.

Father and daughter soldiers went into battle and family volunteers showed their responsibility

Whether in Beijing or Yanqing, there are many family volunteers. They came together as a family and each used their professional skills to contribute to the Winter Olympics.

On the night of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Li Nianxin from the School of Audiovisual Media of the Beijing Film Academy and her father were on duty at their respective posts at the Bird's Nest site. The father is the leader of the 8K signal production team for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics of China Central Radio and Television Corporation, and the daughter is a photography assistant in the field of photography operation, and together with other professional volunteers from Beiying, he provides guidance and assistance to 450 photojournalists from global media.

Li Nianxin told the Beijing Youth News reporter that in 2008, she was deeply attracted by the unparalleled Beijing Olympics in front of the TV screen and planted the seed to become a volunteer. Before participating in the volunteer training for the Winter Olympics, her father told her: "A smile is the best business card, let the world remember the smile of volunteers and the demeanor of Chinese youth." ”

Li Nianxin remembered her father's instructions and began the event service with a number of professional volunteers from the Beijing Film Academy. Soon, when she heard that her father had also reported for work, he came to work at her venue. She is very proud and proud to witness her hometown become the "City of Two Olympic Games" with her father. She said that she and her father were busy at their respective posts during the event, and although they could not see each other often, they often cheered each other on.

A photo of the father and daughter was left during a work handover. "From 2008 to 2022, my father and I have worked hard in the professional field, and our family has passed on the baton of hard work for Beijing's 'Double Olympic City' and cheered for the future together!" Reporter Liu Yang, Wang Wei, Zhang Yuehao, Cui Yifei, Lei Jia

Reporter's Notes

Winter Olympics volunteering is a "golden business card" for China

Although it has been more than a year since the conclusion of the "Winter Olympics", we still remember the vivid scene of the "spark" lighting up the world; It is still unforgettable to dream of the Winter Olympics forever. Among them, countless volunteers vividly interpreted the "Beijing Winter Olympics Spirit" with their own efforts.

They have the big picture in mind. The Beijing Winter Olympics hired more than 1,8 volunteers. Among them, the Beijing Division accounted for 63%, the Yanqing Division accounted for 12%, and the Zhangjiakou Division accounted for 25%. Youth under the age of 35, 94 per cent, are the main force of volunteering. The volunteer services of the Games cover 41 business areas such as sports competitions, venue management, language services, and news operations. As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the Double Olympic Games summary meeting, the vast number of volunteers have provided heart-warming services with youth and dedication, showing the world a vigorous and uplifting image of Chinese youth.

They are confident and open. Guidance and consultation for foreign friends, they are attentive and enthusiastic; Provide the media with event information, they are accurate; When awarding awards to athletes, they smile and wish ... In front of every foreign friend, they are the cute and respectable "Chinese golden business card".

They rose to the challenge. Familiarize yourself with the route and survey the venue over and over again; Repeated hand position, step training, unified standards; A gust of cold wind was biting, and a dozen warm babies also insisted on waiting on the tray... No matter how many difficulties there are, all the sacrifices and dedications are for the solemn commitment made by the Chinese people to the international community. They strive for excellence. The information is placed neatly, always smiling and sincere, the audience is always puzzled, and the foreign guests are greeted by the cold and warmth... Perfection in details is their goal, and spiritual integration is the purpose of their service.

Together they create the future. After the Winter Olympics, many foreign athletes returned home and said, "I'll cry on the plane, I'm going to choke, love you." "I will definitely bring home the best memories of the Winter Olympics of my life." The strong voice of the era of "together towards the future" undoubtedly contains the sincere service of the vast number of Winter Olympic volunteers with dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress. Praise for the great "Beijing Winter Olympic Spirit"! Celebrate the sincere volunteer service of the Winter Olympics! Text/Reporter Liu Yang