Each national team player selected for the World Cup will receive a guaranteed amount of approximately SEK 320,000. And the further you go, the sum increases. The decision is historic as it is the first time FIFA has paid out money only for participation.

SVT expert Hanna Marklund believes that it is good that Fifa keeps what they promise.

"You really have to hope that Infantino stands by his words that the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 World Cup should be equally linked to prize money. It's a good sign and a step in that the journey begins. Then more countries and nations can invest and take women's football seriously.

"It's good for a lot of players who don't have the best conditions, it's even more useful for the federations that are weak and don't have a lot of money. There, this money can play a big role for the players and the opportunity to continue betting.

SEK 320,000 is a significant sum for many players who have very low salaries. What do you think about that?

That's it! That's what's so wonderful that it can be. Many players who absolutely do not have much paid otherwise, in that way it is really lovely.

What does this mean for women's football?

"Steps are being taken all the time, that you are getting closer to men's football. If you talk to Fifa and Uefa, they understand that steps need to be taken and closer to gender equality. All the steps are good, then sometimes you can wish that it could go faster, but now you get to celebrate this and that it is very good for many players, says Marklund.