At the World Games of Surfing in El Salvador, 20-year-old Shino Matsuda became the top Asian athlete and was selected for next year's Paris Olympic team.
Matsuda is the first of the 32 sports to be selected for the Paris Olympics.

The World Games are the equivalent of the World Surfing Championships and are being held in El Salvador, Central America, from May 5.

If they achieve the top Asian record in this tournament, they will be selected for the Paris Olympics on the condition that they participate in next year's World Games.

The 20-year-old Matsuda was the only Asian player to advance to the fourth round, and although he lost in the fourth round on the 4th, he advanced to the sixth round of the repechage.

However, since all other Asian players lost by the fifth round of the repechage, it was confirmed that Matsuda, who advanced to the sixth round, would be the highest Asian player, and Matsuda was selected to represent the team at the Paris Olympics.

The Paris Olympics will feature 5 sports, one less than the Tokyo Games, and the Japan national team has already won a quota for men's surfing, but this is the first time that a prospective representative has been decided.

The tournament is still going on, and the men's Japan team is dominated by two athletes, Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Kanoa Igarashi and Reio Inaba.