Anicet Mbida 06:52, 06 June 2023

Anicet Mbida gives us every morning what is best in innovation. This Tuesday, he is interested in the return of disposable cameras but, this time, in digital version.

Today's innovation is a return to the future. Disposable cameras are coming back, but this time in digital version.

No more film! But instead, a memory card like digital cameras. Otherwise, the recipe remains the same. It really looks like a disposable camera. We find the small plastic case, the flash that whistles, the trigger that we turn before making the next photo. Obviously, there is no screen. So you can't view his photos. And we frame as at the time, with a small viewfinder at the back.

Of course, the number of poses is limited. You can only do a maximum of 27. After, it will be necessary to wait 24 hours for the photos to develop to finally be able to recover them and view them on a phone or computer. Photos that will also have this very typical look, very retro with a slightly washed out image. Everything is really like a disposable camera but digitally.

Do you have to wait 24 hours to see the photos? What's the point?

To wait precisely! To find what has always made the charm of the photo: to make sure that every time you press the shutter, it is a special moment.

Today, instead of enjoying an event, we spend our time behind a screen taking hundreds of photos and videos. To sort them, retouch them, send them to the networks... If you have to wait 24 hours, you will enjoy the present moment more. And as the number of poses is limited, we will pay a little more attention to those we will take.

It's the same principle today, when disposable devices are distributed during an evening. It's more fun and it saves people from having to stay behind their phones. Above all, there will be a real surprise effect when you discover the photos for the first time 24 hours later.

Is the device reusable?

Yes, which is a very good thing. You may remember the controversy around disposable cameras. At one time, Kodak was even voted "Waste Manufacturer of the Year." So yes, it's a good thing that the device is reusable.

This is really an interesting concept, because it doesn't just play on the retro side.

The device is called the One35 from startup Flashback. And it will be available this summer around 80€.