Beijing, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- "I am very happy to come to China again! In the public welfare football activity on the 6th, Brazilian star Kaka met with Chinese fans again, and guided the young players of Guizhou Yuanbao Women's Football Team and Beijing Tsinghua Primary School to interact with the children.

Kaka with children. Photo courtesy of the organizer

At the event site of the Beijing Olympic Golden Crown Football Stadium, 16 young players from Beijing Tsinghua Primary Football Team and Guizhou Yuanbao Tongxin Experimental School Football Team practiced basic skills such as agile ladder and agile ring and basic football techniques such as shooting and dribbling under the guidance of Kaka.

The two teams then played against each other. Kaka laid out tactics for both teams, instructing young players on how to integrate technical training with the game. After the match, Kaka affirmed the performance of the players on both sides, presented awards and took a group photo of the outstanding players.

Kids in the game. Photo courtesy of the organizer

The event was jointly organized by OPPO, the official partner of the UEFA Champions League, and the China Friendship and Peace Development Foundation, and the football team of Yuanbao Tongxin Experimental School came from Yuanbao Village, Wumeng Mountain, Guizhou. In 2017, the team was established by volunteer teacher Xu Zhaowei, and won the Dafang County Primary School Group Boys and Girls Football Championship at the first Dafang County Primary and Middle School Students Cultural and Sports Art Festival held in the same year. The inspirational experience of children in mountainous areas has received extensive social attention and support, and many team members have also changed their lives because of football, and have entered universities and professional teams out of the mountains to start new personal development.

Star Kaka watching kids play. Photo courtesy of the organizer

It is reported that the young players of the Yuanbao women's football team will also be invited to Istanbul to watch the Champions League final live, experience the visual feast and football charm brought by the world's top competitions up close, and improve the level and awareness of football skills and tactics in an all-round way.

Liu Haifeng, Vice President of OPPO, said: "As the world's largest sport, football plays an important and positive role in the physical and mental health development of young people, and we hope that more social forces will join hands with us in the future to care about and support the development of youth football and youth sports public welfare projects in China, so that more children can benefit from football and sports for life, and help more children realize their personal sports dreams." (End)