In the early morning of the 4th, Beijing time, Istanbul BFK team challenged Adanadymir Sports Team away in the Turkish Super League, and won 3-2. Chinese player Wu Shaocong made his debut for the visiting team, but was not substituted until 67 minutes, and Wu Shaocong also became the first Chinese player to start in the Turkish Super League.

Compared to rewriting the record, Wu Shaocong's most commendable performance in the game was his good performance. After handing over the data sheet of 2 shots, 1 tackle, 2 interceptions and 3 clearances, the young man was also affirmed by team manager Emre. Wu Shaocong's progress in the Turkish Super League is undoubtedly a boon for the Chinese men's Asian Games team, which is about to enter the Asian Games. According to the plan, Wu Shaocong will leave for China around June 6, and then prepare to represent the men's Asian Games team in the international warm-up match against the South Korean Asian Games team.

As before the start of previous rounds, Wu Shaocong was unsurprisingly included in BFK's squad for the current round of the Istanbul Top-up Away Tournament. When Wu Shaocong's name appeared in the visiting team's starting lineup, not only the local fans were surprised, but even the reporters accompanying the team were surprised.

In fact, Istanbul BFK coach and former Inter player Emre, who is good at turning young players into gold, has long been ready to focus on promoting young players, in addition to Wu Shaocong, 17-year-old goalkeeper Deniz Djermon, and 19-year-old midfielder Berkai Edomus also started in this game. This match was also Wu Shaocong's second appearance for the team. On May 5, at BFK Istanbul's home game against Umraniya Sports, Wu Shaocong made his debut as a substitute.

From the perspective of the game, Wu Shaocong, as a defender, not only entered the state quickly, but also appeared more active at both ends of the offensive and defensive ends. Wu Shaocong was substituted in the 67th minute, not a bad performance. After a scramble, he fell to the ground and had to be replaced with leg cramps. Wu Shaocong's performance was affirmed by Emre after the game. The Inter legend commented: "I think Wu, who moved from China, did well, and it could even be said that he performed very well today. ”

Text/Reporter Xiao Zhao