Sex is the new fashionable sport in Sweden. The Scandinavian country is the first in the world to register sexual practices as an official sports discipline, because, according to Dragan Bratych, president of the Swedish Sex Federation, "achieving the desired results in sex requires training. Therefore, it is logical that people also start competing in this aspect."

And so it will be done, since on June 8 the first European Sex Championship will be held in Gothenburg. The event will bring together 20 representatives from all over the continent, who will have to compete for 6 weeks in 16 different disciplines.

The tests will last between 45 minutes and an hour and will be evaluated by a jury that will score from 5 to 10 and by popular audiences. In addition, participants can achieve extra points if they demonstrate their theoretical knowledge about the Kamasutra.

The competitors confirmed at the moment are Ann Joy (Finland) (Italy), Sexy Lexy (Portugal), Monsieur Lorenzo Viota (France), Nek Sinner (Greece), Matthew Meier (Ukraine), Barbie Sins (Great Britain), Mister Riddle (Russia) and Sweet Mery (Croatia), Mugur (Romania) and Selva Lapiedra, who will represent Spain in the biggest sex competition on the continent.

Who is Selva Lapiedra?

Selva Lapiedra is an actress and model of Brazilian origin with more than 6,300 followers on Instagram and more than 73,100 on Twitter, who succeeds by publishing uncensored content for adults on OnlyFans.


Ramiro Lapiedra somehow motivated me to continue and that's where I started. He was like my guardian angel," explains the actress about the pornographic director responsible for launching to fame people like Apolonia Lapiedra and Lucía Lapiedra.

"I started out pretty strong in the industry and would love to keep doing it. Currently, I have several confirmed projects and a few to be confirmed. I hope to continue with much more work and improving with each scene I do, "explains Selva the stone in an interview published by Yahoo.

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