Hugo Larsson was thanked at home in Malmö where he played his last home game for the sky blue. Then he took the opportunity to make it 1-0 in the 17th minute. And it was the start of a one-sided match where Malmö were classes better than Degerfors.

In extra time in the first half, Sebastian Nanasi extended the lead to 2-0, which felt on the low side as Malmö were noted for twelve goal chances in the first half alone while Degerfors barely had the ball in the offensive half.

The overrun continued in the second half where Malmö got free access to Degerfors' penalty area, and could easily pull away and win 5-0. The victory means that Malmö steps past Elfsborg at the top of the table and up in the series lead.

After the game, there was full focus on Hugo Larsson who was thanked. And in Discovery+, he was praised by teammate Sebastian Nanasi.

"You hear, they're singing about Hugo Larsson. I think that is absolutely right. He's a great person and a great player. He deserves all this. We're really happy for him.