The disciplinary board announces that Larsson is punished with a fine of SEK 10,000. In its decision, which Fotbollskanalen has taken note of, the board writes:

"After having taken note of the report, statement and video sequence of the reported violation, the Disciplinary Board considers that Hans Larsson's actions towards the player have been intentional and that it constitutes a punishable offence. The amount of the fine is determined according to the nature of the offence".

"Behaviour that is not appropriate"

Häcken's Johan Hammar is also said to have been involved, an incident that was reported by Häcken.

"It is above all a mark against behaviour that we do not consider appropriate in Swedish football. It was an unprovoked push from a sporting director in a mixed zone in a cup final, said Häcken's club manager Marcus Jodin regarding the report.

Larsson has expressed regret about his actions.

"The physical contact was marginal but obviously unacceptable," he recently told Mjällby's website.

CLIP: Hear Samuel Gustafson about the altercation: "No comment"

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Hear Samuel Gustafson about the altercation: "No comment" Photo: Bildbyrån/SVT