"It must not happen at this level, it is fence faces. It must be legally secure where you can trust the technology. Now there is room for speculation, says SVT Sports expert Alhaji Jeng.

There was a camera near the plank which, however, was not used by the television production until the very last rounds. Sagnia's first jump was shown in a cutout some distance from the side.

After the scandal with the measurement of Sagnia's jump, an official stood by the plank, as was done earlier with a white or red flag, to keep track of the plank hits.

"Creates a doubt"

"It creates doubts about whether the system works. There have been previous incidents when the optical measurement did not work. It is extremely strange that she first gets a passing grade and then it is deleted.

Sagnia's best result was 6.32, finishing ninth, and she was one centimetre away from jumping the final three rounds of the competition. Home jumper Larissa Iapichino won in 6.79.