Sunday's Stockholm derby between Djurgården and AIK ended with scenes of scandal. Due to this, the government called a meeting with the Swedish Football Association, Swedish elite football and the police on Friday.

Afterwards, SvFF chairman Fredrik Reinfeldt met the media and talked about how he wants to see a change in attitude in football.

"It's important for me to say as a man that there is a feeling that men see football as some kind of free zone. Not infrequently, you are drunk and think you can behave how you want, say what you want, threaten and break the law. That's not how a well-functioning society works," says Reinfeldt.

"It's going in the wrong direction"

Reinfeldt went on to say that he is concerned that the situation is going in completely the wrong direction.

"Our feeling is that this is getting worse. There is an influx of young, angry supporters. They are growing in number and we are concerned. Things are going in the wrong direction and a lot needs to be done," he says and continues:

"I'm terrified of this escalation. I see what they're doing, shooting Bengals up in the family stand. You will understand what is waiting around the corner if we do not take this seriously.