Masanao Yoshida of the MLB Red Sox hit a leadoff home run and two-base hit against the Reds on May 5, marking his fourth consecutive game of multiple hits.

Yoshida started the game against the Reds in Boston as the No. 4 designated hitter, and in his first at-bat of the second inning, he caught an in-course changeup ball and carried it to Wright's pole to hit a solo home run in the seventh to open the inning.

Yoshida's home run was his first in about a month since May 2.

In the second at-bat of the fourth inning, he fell to shortstop, and in the third at-bat of the sixth inning, he fell into a double play with no outs at first base, but in the fourth at-bat of the eighth inning, chasing two runs, he caught a fastball and hit a two-base shot over center that hit a high fence called the Green Monster.

It was his fourth consecutive game and his 1st multi-hit game of the season, and he homered on a timely two-base hit.

Yoshida went 7-for-5 with one RBI and his batting average increased to 4-for-1 and 4-for-2.

The Red Sox lost 6-3 and lost three in a row.

Cubs Seiya Suzuki team loses second consecutive game with multiple hits

Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs started the game against the Rays in Chicago at No. 4 and had two hits in two consecutive games.

Suzuki had a missed strikeout in the first at-bat of the first inning, but hit a hit to left field in the second at-bat of the fourth inning.

In his third at-bat, right after tying the game at 2-2, in the seventh inning, the first batter hit a two-base shot down the left field line to mark his second consecutive multi-hit game.

In his fourth at-bat in the ninth inning, he went 1-for-1 with a 4-for-2 batting average.

The Cubs were upset in the eighth inning and lost 3-2.