On June 2, Ohnosato, who won the "amateur yokozuna" title for the second year in a row and stepped on the first ring as the 10th makushita rating in the sumo summer tournament, entered a sumo training school at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

A native of Tsubata Town, Ishikawa Prefecture, Dai no Sato of Nishonoseki Chamber won the All Japan Championship to determine the best Japan amateur sumo wrestler for two consecutive years during his college years, and won the "Amateur Yokozuna" title for two consecutive years, and in the summer of May, when he stepped on the first ring as the 2th rating of the makushita, he achieved a record of 10 wins and 5 loss.

On June 6, I attended an entrance ceremony at a sumo training school at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo, with sumo wrestlers who passed the new apprenticeship examinations in the spring and summer locations in March.

Dai spent half a year learning about the history of sumo wrestling, calligraphy, and the basics and knowledge of being a sumo wrestler, along with new disciples from other rooms.

After the ceremony, Ohnosato said, "I really feel like I've become a sumo wrestler, and although I lost first in the summer, I want to be strong enough to be said to have the big village I have today. I think I'm going to be busy, but I want to do my best."

Shinjuryō Kawazoe Kaime Teruho "I want to become stronger"

Kawazoe Kaimeteruho, who attended the graduation ceremony held at the same time, said, "At university, I thought the graduation ceremony was over, so I miss the graduation ceremony after a long time and I'm happy.

As for Ishiura, a former makuuchi in the same room who retired on June 6, he said, "I am full of gratitude for the training and sumo wrestling that I have been with since I entered the school, and I want to carry on this will and move up even higher."

Ochiai renamed to "Bokusakura Peng" "I received a heavy shiko name"

Ochiai, who won 14-1 in the 6-car tournament in the summer, attended the graduation ceremony of the sumo driving school on June 1 as a resident student.

Ochiai commented on the decision to change the name of Shiko to "Hakusakura Peng," which contains characters related to the local Tottori, saying, "I think I have received a heavy shiko name. I love my hometown and I want to make it exciting."