Richardsson is recruited by the Biathlon Federation's Secretary General Rikard Grip, who was the head coach of the cross-country team between 2010 and 2019, a period in which Richardsson won his two Olympic gold medals in relay.

– I will be helpful in training together with Emelie Wahlheim for the 15 best juniors in the country, Richardsson explains the arrangement.

Is it the skiing then or is it shooting too?

Primarily, it's the skiing and the physical part because I'm not so versed in the actual shooting, but Emelie takes care of it more. Then the idea is that I will be helpful in the shooting part over time and I want to learn that part, says Richardsson, who has no previous experience of biathlon other than what has happened with para-athlete Zebastian Modin. Though it's been a different kind of biathlon.

"Had no discussions with the cross-country team"

The cross-country team has not shown interest in your services?

No, I haven't actually had any dialogue with them and haven't thought about that part. It's been a few years since I quit and stepped into para sport quite early," says Richardsson, who holds the Olympic gold medal in the 2010 relay in Vancouver the highest in his career.

"It's been a long time since we won and it was a breakthrough for both myself and the team. It took off a bit there with some good years, says Richardsson.

What will the collaboration with Zebastian Modin be like in the future?

"We talk about what it will be like next season but nothing is clear. I'm looking at jobs in general as well because biathlon isn't full-time.