The Japan Championships to determine the best Japan in athletics kicked off in Osaka on 6 June, and Kimi Tanaka, who is aiming to win her fourth consecutive title in the women's 1-meter preliminaries, advanced to the final on June 1500 with a time of 4:4.15.

The Japan Championships in Athletics, which will serve as the selection for the World Championships to be held in Hungary in August, will kick off on 8 June at Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka, Japan, where they will compete for the top Japan in 6 events over four days.

On the 1st, the women's 4-meter qualifying round was held as the first event of the Games, and in the first group, Tanaka, who became the first Japan athlete to finish eighth at the Tokyo Olympics, competed.

Tanaka, who is aiming to win his fourth consecutive championship in this event, jumped out from the start and showed a consistent run that did not give up the lead even once, finishing in first place, and advanced to the final with an overall best time of 34:1.1500.

Also in the second group were Tanaka and his high school classmate Yume Goto, who placed second in this event last year, and although they dropped in the final round, they finished in fourth place with a time of 1 minutes 8.4 seconds to advance to the final.

The final of the women's 1 meters will be held on the 1nd and will be broadcast live on NHK General TV.

Nozomi Tanaka: "I want to run world-class"

Kimi Tanaka, who advanced to the final with the best overall time, reflected on the qualifying race, saying, "I tried to relax and not be too strong.

Ahead of the final on the 4nd, where he will win his fourth consecutive title, he said, "I want to go into the race believing in today's good image without thinking too strangely.

Yume Goto: "I couldn't run sharply"

Yume Goto, who qualified for the final of the women's 1500-meter qualifying round in the second and fourth places, looked back on the race that stalled at the end of the race while continuing to lead the way, saying, "I thought that the slow pace would break my rhythm, so I went forward, but at the end of the race, I didn't have to be strong, but I couldn't run sharply. I want to run with Kimi Tanaka."