The list of Chinese women's volleyball teams to the World Women's Volleyball League was announced, and Zhu Ting was absent again——

When will Zhu Ting return?

At the end of May, the 5 Women's World Volleyball League officially began. This year's competition will still be a three-week tournament and a one-time final. The Chinese women's volleyball team will compete in Nagoya in Japan, Hong Kong in China and Suwon in South Korea, and the finals will be held in Arlington, USA, from July 2023 to 7. The Chinese women's volleyball team will make its World League debut this season on May 13, Beijing time, and will face the powerhouse Brazil.

According to the plan, the Chinese women's volleyball team has gone to Japan on the 26th to start the journey of this year's World Women's Volleyball League. Previously, head coach Cai Bin has confirmed the list of 14 people to participate in this tournament, which are Wang Yunbi, Zhonghui, Li Yingying, Du Qingqing, Yuan Xinyue (captain), Yang Hanyu, Gao Yi, Wang Yuanyuan, Gong Xiangyu, Zheng Yixin, Diao Linyu, Xu Xiaoting, Wang Mengjie and Ni Xuanwei.

Strikingly, Zhu Ting is not on the list of participants. This also means that the former most important attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team will not participate in this season's Women's World Volleyball League.

After the Tokyo Olympics, Zhu Ting temporarily left the national team due to injury. But few would have imagined that such a farewell would stretch to nearly two years. In this regard, Cai Bin said in an interview that he and the Volleyball Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sports contacted Zhu Ting not long ago, hoping that Zhu Ting could return to participate in the training and competition of the national team after the Italian season. But Zhu Ting responded that after a season, the wrist injury still had a greater impact on her. Therefore, she will need a while to recover, and the recovery time will be longer. Zhu Ting admitted that her current physical fitness and injury status are not suitable for the training volume of the national team and the intensity of the game.

To this end, Zhu Ting also issued a special statement: "Serving the country is the biggest motivation for my surgery and rehabilitation. But judging by the situation playing in Italy this season, my recovery from my wrist injury is not as good as I thought. Although the performance is quite stable from the point of view of points, there is a big gap in offensive success rate and physical fitness compared to before. The Chinese women's volleyball team is a glorious collective, and putting on the national team jersey again is both an honor and a responsibility. I played for the national team for 9 years and know the training requirements and the intensity of the game for the national team. As long as I return to the national team, I will devote myself to training without reservation, as a veteran player, I must set an example for the young players, and I will do my best to contribute to the team in the competition. But by that standard, I'm still far from it. ”

This is the second time since last year's Women's World Volleyball League and World Championship that Zhu Ting has declined a call to the national team. Regarding Zhu Ting's various considerations, Cai Bin said generously that he understands that the old players will indeed be affected by injuries to a certain extent, and hopes that Zhu Ting can recover from injuries as soon as possible.

Needless to say, Zhu Ting is not at the peak of her career at this stage, but she still plays an important role in the team. Judging from the performance of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the World League and World Championships last year, the lack of attack power is still the biggest shortcoming. Due to Zhu Ting's absence, the current staffing focus of the Chinese women's volleyball team is still focused on the main offensive position. Cai Bin introduced that who can be competent for Li Yingying's diagonal main attack, the Chinese women's volleyball team has done a lot of work, "At present, we can only tap the potential from the existing outstanding athletes in China, and I hope to do better than last year in this regard." ”

During her 9 years of playing for the country, Zhu Ting won two World Cup championships and one Olympic champion for the Chinese women's volleyball team as an absolute core. In 227 official national team matches, Zhu Ting contributed 3483 points. Zhu Ting's importance to this Chinese women's volleyball team is self-evident. It is precisely because of this that the Chinese women's volleyball team needs a healthy and powerful Zhu Ting king to return.

Zhu Ting said that she has been in communication with the national team, and reported the above situation to the Volleyball Management Center and Cai Bin, and she is very grateful to the team for its understanding and tolerance of herself. "In the future, I will actively recover and strive to return to the national team in a more ideal state as soon as possible."

According to the reporter, after the finals of the World Women's Volleyball League, the Chinese women's volleyball team will return to China to prepare for the Paris Olympic Qualification Tournament and the Hangzhou Asian Games. Cai Bin said that he would respect Zhu Ting's idea, "The door of the Chinese women's volleyball team will never be closed to Zhu Ting. ”

(Workers' Daily Zhu Yanan)