Xinzhou, May 5 (Yang Jing) In the early morning of the 31st, after two nights of fierce competition, the 31 "Daizhou Yellow Wine Cup" sheep scratching competition came to an end, and more than 2023 wrestling players from 10 cities in Taiyuan, Xinzhou and Datong in Shanxi Province gathered at the Xincheng Gymnasium in Daixian County, Shanxi, to stage a wonderful sports and cultural feast.

Liu Zhu fell 6 people in a row to win in his first competition and won 3000,<> yuan. Take an upward shot

Xinzhou is known as "China's wrestling town", sheep scratching competition is popular in Xinzhou City around the folk wrestling activities, "scratch" means "carry" in the local countryside, "scratch sheep" is "carry sheep", because of the tradition of a live sheep as a prize to reward the winner, so named "sheep scratching competition".

The scene of the sheep scratching race. Take an upward shot

In the "Sheep Scratching Match", the wrestler wins or loses as soon as the rest of the body hits the ground except the feet, and there is no round-robin match, the winner continues to compete with the novice, and the winner wins by falling 6 people in a row. Sheep scratching races are generally unlimited in age, weight, or gender, and are very ornamental. In 2008, the "Sheep Scratching Race" was inscribed on the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Holding legs, hooking feet, hugging waist... At the competition site, the contestants played their skills vividly in dodging, dodging, soaring and moving, and the audience cheered and applauded continuously.

Liu Zhu, a player of the "Daizhou Renjiu" basketball team, won 6,3000 yuan by falling six people in a row in his first competition, "The sheep scratching competition is a local traditional activity, although it is very tiring, but it is very meaningful to be able to communicate with some wrestling enthusiasts on the spot." ”

Winner of the title of "Scratching Sheep". Take an upward shot

Li Dongdong, director of Daixian Sports Center, said: "The event has high participation, wide coverage, and a combination of mass and competition, and everyone enjoys the passion and joy brought by sports events, while also promoting the local rice wine culture. I hope more people know about Daixian and understand Daixian. "The local area hopes to promote the development of Daizhou rice wine brand by creating an event economy.

That night, Shanxi "wrestling king" Liang Lei also appeared at the scene of the sheep scratching competition to "watch the battle". "Some 'good seedlings' were also found during the match, and the next step will be to slowly reach out to them and develop them as a reserve force for the provincial wrestling team." Liang Lei hopes that more people will pay attention to sports and love sports, and he will continue to contribute to the development of sports. (End)