Forbes, an American magazine specialized in counting wealth and monitoring the growth of financial institutions and companies around the world, revealed a list of the clubs with the highest market value around the world for 2023.

In its latest report, it stated that the average value of the top 20 teams around the world increased by 14% in 2023 compared to last year 2022, with the average value of the most valuable clubs among them reaching $ 2.89 billion, compared to about $ 2.53 billion last year.

Real Madrid is the world's top club with the highest market value with $6.07 billion, up 19 percent from last year's value, followed by Manchester United with $6 billion, up 30 percent, and Barcelona third with $5.51 billion.

Esta es la #ListaForbes de los equipos de fútbol más valiosos del mundo

— Forbes_es (@Forbes_es) May 31, 2023

Manchester United, which goes up for sale, could be bought for around $6 billion, which is 7.7 times its revenue.

Newcastle United is the biggest gainer in this year's list after its ownership was transferred to the Saudi Investment Fund in October 2021, with a current value of $794 million, an increase of 51% over last year.

The magazine explained that in its evaluation of each club, it took into account its own brand as well as the profits it makes from television revenues, stadium tickets and sponsorship rights, compared to expenses related to players' salaries, net debts and others.

Since Forbes began publishing its annual assessment of football clubs around the world in 2004 – with the exception of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic – only two clubs have maintained their presence in the top five each year: Real Madrid and Manchester United.

During this period, Manchester United topped the list 11 times, compared to 7 for Real Madrid, while Barcelona came out on top only once in 2021.

Here is the list of the 30 most valuable clubs in the world for 2023:

1. Real Madrid ($6.07 billion).

2. Manchester United (6 billion).

3. Barcelona (5.51 billion).

4. Liverpool (5.29 billion).

5. Manchester City (4.99 billion).

6. Bayern Munich (4.86 billion).

7. Paris Saint-Germain (4.21 billion).

8. Chelsea (3.1 billion).

9. Tottenham Hotspur (2.8 billion).

10. Arsenal (2.26 billion).

11. Juventus (2.16 billion).

12. Borussia Dortmund (1.93 billion).

13. Atletico Madrid (1.54 billion).

14. Milan (1.4 billion).

15. West Ham United (1.08 billion).

16. Inter Milan (1.4 billion).

17. Los Angeles FC (1 billion).

18. Los Angeles Galaxy (925 million).

19. Atalanta United (850 million).

20. Crystal Palace (806 million).

21. New York City FC (800 million).

22. Newcastle United (794 million).

23. Leicester City (781 million).

24. Aston Villa (756 million).

25. Everton (744 million).

26. Olympique Lyonnais (734 million).

27. Rome (724 million).

28. D.C. United (700 million).

29. Toronto FC (690 million).

30. Austin FC (680 million).