According to her, it was very comfortable to work with Chinese colleagues.

"Colleagues clarified a lot of details, asked and asked again, were extremely attentive to branding, the very philosophy of the event. I believe that we will expand not only by country, but also within China," she said.

It is noted that about 2 thousand people came to the start.

"The event was being prepared for an extreme time, although we have been dreaming about it for a long time and discussing it. Yes, 2 thousand people fled. I understand that next year it will be more than Moscow or St. Petersburg," Shoigu said.

She noted that, unfortunately, the Chinese colleagues this year could not synchronize, but promised to hold the race on the same date with everyone next year.

The race was held in Beijing on May 24.

In Russia, the half marathon "Zabeg.rf" will be held on June 4.