In professional baseball, six interleague games were played.
In the Pacific League, the gap remains at 6.2 games due to losses between leaders Lotte and second-place Orix. In the Central League, the streak was halted at nine when the leaders Hanshin lost. Yakult is in last place with 1 consecutive losses with a draw in between.

Lotte vs Giants

Lotte vs. Giants was won by the Giants, 7-4.

○ Wins: Togo pitchers 6 wins 1 loss
saves: Crowd pitchers 1 win 10 saves ● Losses: Sawamura pitchers 3 wins, 2 losses, 2 saves

◎ Home runs: Giants Okamoto Kazuma No. 10, No. 11, Sakamoto No. 7, Nakata Sho No. 8
Lotte Oka No. 2, Polanco No. 6, Yasuda's No. 5 Giants took a 4-4 lead in the eighth inning when Kazuma Okamoto hit his second home run of the game, a two-run homer in the 8th, followed by Sho Nakata's solo shot in the eighth to add one run.

Starting pitcher Togo threw eight innings and gave up four runs on three home runs, but earned his league-leading sixth win and ended the Giants' losing streak at four.

Lotte scored three runs in the sixth inning to tie the game, but the fourth pitcher, Sawamura, was lackluster.

ORIX vs Hiroshima

In the match between Orix and Hiroshima, Hiroshima won 3-1.

○ Win: Kuri pitcher 4 wins 2 losses
Save : Yazaki pitcher 3 wins 5 saves
● Loss: Kuroki pitcher 1 win 3
losses ◎ Home run: Hiroshima Akiyama No. 3
Hiroshima broke the balance in the seventh inning with Akiyama's No. 7
three-run homer.

The starting pitcher, Kuri earned his fourth win with a one-run seventh inning.

Hiroshima ended their losing streak against Orix at 3.

Orix started pitcher Tashima pitched six scoreless innings, but there was no support from the batting lineup.

SoftBank vs. Chunichi

In the SoftBank vs. Chunichi match, Chunichi won 7-1.

○ Win: Wakui pitcher 2 wins 6
losses ● Loss: Higashihama pitcher 3 wins 5 losses
◎ Home runs: Chunichi Okabayashi No. 2 Chunichi scored five runs in one fell swoop in the seventh inning, including a timely run by Muramatsu and a timely base run by Bright.

Starting pitcher Wakui pitched seven innings and gave up one run to earn his second win in nearly a month.

Chunichi replaced Yakult in the league standings and finished in 1th place.

SoftBank suffered its fifth loss when Higashihama pitcher collapsed in the seventh inning.

Japan Ham vs Yakult

Japan Ham vs Yakult was won by Japan Ham 5-2.

○ Win: Uezawa pitcher 5 wins, 3 losses
and saves: Tamai pitcher 1 loss and 1 save ● Loss: Ichikawa pitcher 2 losses
◎ Home run: Japan ham Gosho Kato No. 1, No. 2, Mitsuteru
Fukuda No. 2
Japan Ham 1
inning, With one out on an infield groundout, they scored one run on an infield grounder and added another run in the second inning on a timely two-base hit by Go Matsumoto.

In addition, Gosho Kato extended the lead with a solo shot in the third inning, his first professional home run in the Japan, and a solo shot in the fifth inning with a solo shot in two consecutive at-bats.

Starting pitcher Uezawa earned his fifth win by allowing two runs in eight innings.

Yakult has lost 1 consecutive matches with a draw in between.

Seibu vs Hanshin

Seibu vs. Hanshin was won by Seibu 4-0.

○ Win: Moriwaki pitcher 1 win, 1 loss, 2 saves ● Loss: Yuki Nishi 2
wins 4
losses ◎ Home run: Seibu Kuriyama No. 1
Seibu opened the scoring in the first inning with a timely hit by Kento Watanabe, and Kuriyama's No. 1
solo shot in the fourth inning, In the seventh inning, Sozaki's timely two-run double extended the lead.

A relay of six pitchers held the Hanshin batting line scoreless, and the second pitcher, Moriwaki, earned his first win of the season.

Hanshin failed to capitalize on repeated chances and their winning streak stopped at 4.

Rakuten vs DeNA

Rakuten vs DeNA was won by Rakuten 3-1.

○ Win: Masahiro Tanaka 3 wins, 3 losses
and saves: Hiroki Matsui 1 win, 1 loss, 8 saves
● Loss: Wendelken pitcher 1 win, 1 loss
◎ Home run: DeNA Miyazaki No

. 10 Rakuten won the game on a wild pitch in the seventh inning, 1-1 In the eighth inning, Ryosuke Tatsumi scored an additional run in a timely manner.

Starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka allowed just one run in seven innings to earn his third win, his first since April 7.

DeNA tied the game in the sixth inning on Miyazaki's solo shot in the 8th, but the relievers couldn't get a break.