The wife of Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Sergio Rico made the entire football world even more excited about the condition of the athlete. A few days ago, he was in serious condition in a hospital in Seville after an incident with a horse, and it remains unclear whether the threat to his life has completely passed.

"My love, please do not leave me alone, because, I swear, I cannot bear it. I don't know how to live without you. We love you so much," wrote Alba Silva on the social network under a black and white wedding picture.

Such an emotional outburst of the wife made many think about the possible deterioration of Sergio's situation, but a few hours later Silva went to the reporters on duty at the hospital and reported that Rico's condition had not changed over the past day. The girl did not give any other details.

The first reports of an accident with Rico appeared on May 28. At first, Spanish media reported that the 29-year-old footballer fell off his horse and hit his head hard. Then there was a version that the animal not only threw off the rider, but also hit him on the head with a hoof. Allegedly, as a result of this, the athlete received a traumatic brain injury with a cerebral hemorrhage and was hospitalized in critical condition. The player was taken to the hospital by helicopter and immediately intubated to maintain vital functions.

However, the initial information about the causes of the injury was not confirmed. A representative of the football player said that Rico was not riding a horse at all that day. It was noted that he had just arrived in El Rocío after the end of the French championship, and managed to spend only about an hour and a half with family and friends. After that, Sergio went to the temple for a service, but on the way he was hit by a horse that escaped from the team.

"Sergio is in good hands and trying to get better. He is provided with all possible assistance by all the medical staff of the Hospital of St. Virgin Rocio. Caution must be exercised now, especially in the next 48 hours. We are waiting for news about the change in his condition, hopefully for the better. And we'll let you know he's getting better as soon as we can.
Thank you for your care, for your messages and attention to Sergio's condition. Thank you for your support," the message reads.

At first glance, getting hit by a horse on the street may seem strange in the modern world, but this incident fully explains the history of the town in which the athlete found himself. El Rocio, as they write in guidebooks, seems to be a thing of the past: to this day there is no asphalt pavement on the roads, and horse-drawn carts are quite a common mode of transport. But the main thing is one of the centers of pilgrimage for Catholics from all over Spain: once a year in May, thousands of believers flock here to worship the Virgin of Rocío. By tradition, they dress up in elegant national costumes, also decorate horses and teams. It was this traditional event that the Rico family attended.

After the tragedy with the football player, many fans expressed their support for him. His social networks are full of wishes for a speedy recovery. Riko's wife thanked everyone for their sympathy and empathy.

"A lot of people pray for Sergio, and he is very strong. There are no words to describe how I feel," Silva wrote.

Of course, they did not stay away from the tragic incident with the player in the football world. So, PSG canceled the traditional charity dinner, which was supposed to be held on Tuesday, May 30. The decision was made personally by the president of the club, Nasser Al-Khelafi.

"The current situation requires our full attention and forces us to abandon the traditional gala evening. The entire Paris Saint-Germain family is deeply shocked by the tragedy that affected Sergio Rico and his loved ones. On behalf of all the teams of the club, I want to assure them of our full support and sincere sympathy during this difficult test, "the official website of the Parisians quotes the head as saying.

Meanwhile, teammate and compatriot Carlos Soler has already visited Rico and his wife in the hospital. Sevilla president Pepe Castro also came to visit the player, because Rico is a graduate of the Rojoblancos Academy. He started his career in the youth team, and from 2011 to 2020 he played for the main team.