In addition to Henrik von Eckermann, Swedish stars such as Peder Fredricson and Malin Baryard Johnson, as well as the forever young Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, will come to the stadium.

The national jumping team's head coach Henrik Ankarcrona is looking forward to new competitions at the classic Olympic arena in Stockholm

"It will be great to come back to the stadium. It's a great competition with a lot of atmosphere. Big competitions at home are always fun", says Henrik Ankarcrona in a press release.

Swedish show jumping has a few brilliant years behind it, with both Olympic gold and World Championship gold in team. The former also led to the Olympic gold team (von Eckerman, Fredricson, Baryard Johnson) being awarded the Bragdgold in 2021.

von Eckermann has been the brightest star as he has also won an individual World Cup gold medal in the World Cup final.

The Global Champions Tour will be held at Stockholm Stadium on June 16–18.

Facts: Swedish riders at Stadion


Nine Swedish riders will start in the Global Champions Tour at Stockholm Stadium June 16-18:

Henrik von Eckermann.

Malin Baryard Johnson.

Peder Fredricson.

Rolf-Göran Bengtsson.

Wilma Hellström.

Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli.

Evelina Tovek.

Petronella Andersson.

Linda Heed.