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The French Rugby Federation (FFR) has described the behavior of international pillar Mohammed Haouas, sentenced Tuesday to one year in prison in Montpellier for domestic violence, as "inadmissible" and "incompatible with the representation of our nation at the international level".

One year in prison for domestic violence, but without return to prison: justice offered a last chance to Mohamed Haouas on Tuesday. But not Clermont or the XV of France, who refused that the Montpellier pillar wear their colors. "Do you realize? He served four days in jail and was given another chance. This time, if he does not seize it, we will not be able to do anything, "reacted, visibly relieved, the lawyer of the player of Montpellier, Me Marc Gallix.

The criminal court of Montpellier did not follow the prosecutor, who had requested a total of 18 months in prison with a warrant of detention and therefore continued detention, against the first line of the MHR, judged for hitting his wife on Friday, after seeing her smoking a cigarette in front of the shopping center where she works.

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Mohamed Haouas remanded in custody

The 29-year-old player, detained pending his trial in immediate appearance, certainly returned to prison at the end of the hearing, but for the formalities of release. "Tonight, all his friends, even his wife, will pick him up at the prison," Gallix said.

"Shocked" by the violence exerted on her by her husband - for the first time, she said at the hearing--, she had not filed a complaint. But she filed a civil suit, to signify that she "does not support" his gesture. And she wants to "find him tonight, with the children", in order to "be able to discuss in the intimacy of the couple", explained his lawyer after the judgment, saying he was "satisfied" with the court decision.

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The Frenchman "will not be able to wear, on the field, the colors of the club"

On the sporting level, the Montpellier player is now without an employer, the club of Clermont, which he was to join for three years from July 1, having finally terminated his contract. Mohamed Haouas "will not be able to wear, on the field, the colors of the club", announced the ASM as soon as the judgment was announced, considering that the facts alleged against the international were "unacceptable".

"If he had remained in prison, Clermont would have made it clear that he did not show up for training on July 1, so there would have been no compensation to pay. Now (...) they will have to pay him a fairly high compensation, since he had a planned salary of a little more than 300,000 euros per year, "said shortly before Gallix, anticipating the decision of the Auvergne club.

A cross on the World Cup

Selected 16 times in the jersey of the France team, the Montpellier colossus (1.85 m, 123 kg) will also miss the 2023 World Cup in France (September 8-October 28). "The behavior of Mohammed Haouas is inadmissible and incompatible" with a selection in Blue, said the FFR in a statement, taking note of the conviction of the player. Excluded against Scotland in February, after a first red card received against the same team in 2020, Mohamed Haouas was already in the hot seat sportingly. But the suspense over his participation in the World Cup has definitely ended, a few days before the announcement of the list of Blues selected to prepare the competition, by Fabien Galthié on June 21.

"The problem is that she lied to me, (...) I didn't control myself. I made a film, "had tried to justify himself at the hearing the player, returning to the blows to his wife Friday late afternoon. "I really blame myself, (...) She's my wife, I love you, I love you," insisted the player turning to his wife, with whom he has two children. As for the blows, it was only "a little crooked foot", to make her fall, then "a little slap, like that", he had described, ensuring that "never in life" he would start again and saying he was ready to follow care to learn to control himself. The MHR player had already been sentenced in February 2022 to 18 months in prison suspended, for burglaries of tobacco shops in Montpellier, in 2014. On 12 May, during a second trial, for his participation in a violent fight on 1 January 2014, the prosecution had requested a two-year suspended sentence. The deliberations in this case are expected on June 30.