The future of Argentine star Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain is full of the world and the occupant of the world of football, including clubs, players, coaches, experts and business agents.

It seems that this future will be determined in the next few days, specifically after the last confrontation of the French league against Clermont next Saturday, following the official coronation of the Parisian team with the French league title for the 11th season in its history.

But it is certain that Messi will not announce his choice even if he reaches it, and despite everything that has been said, published and published, there is no official offer yet from Barcelona or an idea of the salary that he will receive if he returns again, due to financial fair play regulations and waiting for the decision of the league and it seems that the subject is difficult.

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This news was confirmed by the Spanish newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" that the Argentine star does not believe in Barcelona's ability to sign him, and does not put in his calculations the possibility of returning in the summer.

He added that Messi does not trust the ability of the Catalan club to make an offer to him can register it.

This comes due to the delay in the approval of the Catalan club's financial plan for the summer transfer market.

It is worth noting that Barcelona have not made any official offer to Messi yet, although he has arrived.

In the context, the Spanish coach Xavi Barca – in an interview with the site "Sport" – of the concerns that talk about Messi is not suitable for the current style of play for Barcelona, explaining how "adapted many players to the changes we made, and will not make it difficult for Leo."

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"Having Messi will help us a lot; he can play in different positions such as midfield and player 10 who reaches the final ball."

Despite approaching the age of 36, Xavi insisted Messi could still be a playmaker and opportunity for the team.

Xavi made this point: "We saw Messi at the World Cup in Qatar at an unbelievable level. I think he'll be at a good level for many years."

Regarding the possibility of Messi returning to play at Barcelona, Xavi said: "I spoke to the president of the club and informed him of my desire to bring Leo to us. I told Juan Laporta that Messi is a player who can make a difference. He's a different and special leader and player".

"It's hard to put yourself in the shoes of a player like Messi who has won everything in the world of football. I can't be sure what doubts he might have or what other projects he might be thinking about, and the possibility that the departure of players like Jory Alba and Busquets might have influenced his decision."

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The Saudi bid made by Al Hilal in April for €400 million net per season is still on the table.

The newspaper "Foot Mercato" French that Messi agreed to the historic contract submitted by the Saudi club Al Hilal.

The newspaper, under the headline "Jorge Messi accepted an offer of one billion and 200 million euros for his son," that Messi finally agreed to join Al Hilal Saudi Arabia to get the best contract in history.

The newspaper added that Messi's father had already accepted the contract offer from Al-Hilal.

Lionel Messi left Barcelona in the summer of 2021 and joined Paris Saint-Germain for two seasons until June 30, 2023.

The next few weeks, especially June, are a crucial stage for Messi.