It was an easy match beforehand. Russian world number two Daniil Medvedev would only clean up 172nd-ranked Brazilian Seyboth Wild in the first round of the French Open.

But it started tough for the Russian.

The Wild surprisingly won the first set, but then Medvedev won two straight sets. And in the fourth set, there were special scenes when Medvedev meant that a ball was out. An argument with the referee began as the crowd booed. Then the 27-year-old chose to put his finger to his mouth and hush the audience.

The Wild then won two straight sets and knocked out Medvedev – to the great cheers of the crowd. It was his second ever Grand Slam tournament and it was his debut at the French Open.

"I've seen Daniil play in my youth years and I've always dreamed of playing here and meeting the big players. It's a dream come true, Eurosport's broadcast.