MITOMA Kaoru, who scored seven goals in the English Premier League this Japan season as a member of the Japan national football team, returned to Japan and reflected on the fulfilling season, saying, "The biggest thing was that I was able to experience the world's best football firsthand."

Mitoma, who has been playing for English Premier League side Brighton since this season, has made 33 league appearances and has demonstrated his attacking ability with slow dribbling, scoring seven goals and providing five assists, the most in the history of a Japan player.

Mitoma returned to Japan on the afternoon of 7 October after the season, and spoke to the media in Tokyo, saying, "The biggest thing is that I was able to experience the world's best football in the Premier League. I was able to continue to play in matches, move when I didn't have the ball, and improve defensively."

Brilliant mid-range strike against Leicester (1 January)

Regarding the seven goals he scored in the league, he said, "I had chances to score in double figures and I'm not satisfied," but pointed to his best goal against Leicester in January, when he dribbled inside from the left flank and scored brilliantly with his right foot. It will lead to future growth."

Mitoma is scheduled to play warm-up matches against El Salvador on 7 June and Peru on 1 June as a member of the Japan National Team, and expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We want to further increase the popularity of football with our play, we must win two matches, and we must also play with our performance."