Zhang Xiaodong, Chairman of China Sailing Association, delivered a speech at the exchange meeting. Photo courtesy of China Sailing and Windsurfing Association

Beijing, May 5 -- According to the China Sailing and Windsurfing Association, as one of the important contents of the series of activities of the second meeting of the 29th member congress of the China Sailing Association, the China Sailing Development and Exchange Meeting was held on the morning of May 5 in the ocean blue coast of Beidaihe New Area, Qinhuangdao. The guests pooled their wisdom and efforts for the development of China's sailing and discussed the development plan of China's sailing industry.

Li Guoqiang, Vice Mayor of Qinhuangdao Municipal Government, said in his speech: "Sailing is a symbol of strength and courage, embodying the pioneering and enterprising sailing spirit and indomitable will to fight. This conference brings together experts and scholars in the field of sailing sports, industry associations, leading enterprises and city representatives, with the theme of 'construction', around sailing and urban construction, talent construction, industrial construction, etc. for exchanges and sharing, which will surely effectively promote the high-quality development of sailing in China and inject new momentum into sailing in Qinhuangdao. ”

In the past five years, Chinese sailing has made many achievements - breakthroughs in competitive sailing, good momentum in the popularization of sailing, steady progress in the reform of the association, and consolidation and growth of reserve forces. Zhang Xiaodong, chairman of the China Sailing Association, said that he hoped that everyone could take advantage of this exchange opportunity to discuss the future development of Chinese sailing ships and write a new examination paper for Chinese sailing ships in the new era, new situation and new opportunities.

Liu Weidong, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Sailing Association, delivered a speech at the exchange meeting. Photo courtesy of China Sailing and Windsurfing Association

On the platform of the China Sailing Development and Exchange Conference, the industry insiders pay the most attention to the future, and exchange views on the three themes of youth sports, the future of Chinese sailing, sailing and education, which are very important and worthy of attention in the development of sailing. Liu Weidong, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Sailing Association, revealed that at present, there is a clear gap between China's sailing ships and France, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries at the level of social promotion and professional reserves, and he suggested that the development of Chinese sailing and even Chinese sports in the future should pay attention to small clubs, children and small sailing ships. Only when these small clubs, children, and small sailing ships really develop, will Chinese sailing ships truly have a future. In the next ten or twenty years, we will usher in a big pattern and great development.

At the China Sailing Development and Exchange Conference, Fu Danqing, Vice Chairman of China Sailing Association, and important executors and witnesses of the development process of sailing cities such as Qinhuangdao, Qingdao, Shenzhen and Zhuhai shared and exchanged views on the integration of sailing and urban integration, sailing and urban construction.

The China Sailing Development and Exchange Conference also held the signing ceremony of cooperation in the construction of the public sailing training system of the China Sailing Association. China Sail signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People's Government of Futian District of Shenzhen Municipality, and the two parties will work together to promote the landing of the China Sailing International Exchange Center in Futian in the future, taking this as the starting point, radiating the Greater Bay Area, and helping Shenzhen build itself into a global marine center city. In addition, the exchange meeting also witnessed the signing of the contract between Shenzhen Sailing and Windsurfing Association and Shenzhen Dapeng New Area South Australia Office. (End)