The proposal put forward by the International Athletics Federation is that the term "indoor" should be replaced by "short track" and that the competitions on short track should be allowed to be arranged outdoors.

Runner Andreas Almgren is cautiously sceptical about the proposal.

"For me, 200 metres wears a lot on the body with strange angles. Even if short track is introduced outdoors, I will gladly stick to my 400-meter tracks, says Andreas Almgren.

Why do you think the federation is making this proposal?

"There have been quite a lot of critical voices. That things are moving slowly, that they are outdated and that there are quite a few structural problems. It is a proposal to perhaps modernise it. It feels like a strange way and I don't know if that's the way to save sport.

Skeptical of the proposal

Is there anything positive?

– That the audience gets close and that you can see how fast it goes. It can be an experience that way but I don't know if it's the best for the actives.

Will we see Andreas Almgren there?

"If it's big races and big names, it can be cool races, of course. If it is introduced, it will have to be decided then. I want to compete against the best in the biggest competitions. If they end up there, I will try to run there too.

23-year-old Örgryte runner Carl Bengtström is all the more positive about the proposal.

"I think it sounds interesting. I see no real obstacles to that. It will work in the same way but that you can compete outside. It's always fun when they come up with new things and change and develop the sport," he says.