The 25-year-old Gonoyama won the championship match against 19-year-old Ochiai.

At the end of the 14th day of the 27th, Gonoyama of the Takekuma room and Ochiai of the Miyagino room were lined up with 13 wins and 1 loss.

On the 28th of Chiakiraku, Gonoyama defeated Kitanowaka and Ochiai defeated Ou Katsuma, so both teams had a 14-1 record, and the championship match was to be held.

It was the first time since Showa 14 that wrestlers with 1 wins and 1 loss faced each other in the championship match in the 15-day tournament, and Gonoyama, who hit hard from the stands, attacked one-sidedly with a thrust and pushed out to win, and won the championship for the first time.

Gonoyama is a 24-year-old from Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture.

He stepped on the first stage as the 25th third dan rating at Ototoshi no Harujo, and won 100 wins and 6 loss.

After that, he steadily rose through the ranks, winning the 1th place in Nagoya last year, winning 11 places in a row from the Kyushu place to the first place last November, and now he is the top 3 in the east.

And at this place, he showed his strength by winning nine consecutive matches from the first day in his favorite push sumo match, and although he lost to 9-year-old Atami Fuji on the 10th day, he defeated Ochiai, who fought for the title this time, on the 20th day.

Gonoyama said, "I'm relieved, I didn't want to lose. I was thinking of running forward, trying to get forward, and I'm glad I got my hands and feet."

Gonoyama, who won a big match in the top 11, was determined to be a new player in the tournament next to the tournament, and he was enthusiastic, saying, "I felt that my sumo wrestling would work, but there were some bad sumo wrestling, so I want to challenge myself so that I can win."

On the other hand, Ochiai, who lost the match, said, "It was a good loss that confronted me with my weakness, which is frustrating, but not a case of regret. I want to cherish how I spend my time tomorrow."