There was no more than a quarter-final this time either for Tre Kronor in the World Cup.

Sweden has not reached a semi-final in the World Cup since 2018 and the question remains: What is it that does not work in Tre Kronor and how should this be evaluated?

"I'm not going to say 'let's do something extra'. But we will go through all the parts: Preparation, game-wise, squad-wise, coach-wise, conditions, accommodation, everything really. We will dig into that, says Anders Lundberg, national team manager in the ice hockey association, to SVT Sport.

How damaging will it be for the Tre Kronor brand to once again not reach beyond a quarter-final?

"Exactly how damaging it is is difficult to answer, but we play to win and win medals, we are not satisfied with that. We will sit down now after this in peace and quiet when the impressions have sunk in and with balanced emotions and make a careful analysis of what can be done better for next year.

Latvia was the lowest ranked team in the quarter-finals, do you understand the criticism you have received?

"I do. We are very disappointed as well. I'd rather have demands on us than be happy to go to the quarter-finals. We don't blame anything either, we should examine ourselves.

Anders Larsson, chairman of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, shares the disappointment and announces that he has full responsibility for the coach going forward.

"Sam is a fantastic person and an incredibly talented coach. He has shown this in Växjö, not least and during the season with the success of the Euro hockey tour. Now it was a defeat and a disappointment in the quarter-finals, but Sam Hallam is safe," he told SVT Sport.