• Football Tebas, "affected" after being accused of racist, apologizes to Vinicius: "I did not intend to accuse you"

Dozens of Brazilian activists demonstrated on Thursday in support of soccer player Vinícius Júnior in front of the Spanish embassy in Brasilia for the racist insults that the Real Madrid player has received in LaLiga.

The demonstrators spoke out against racism and xenophobia and called for a stronger response from the Spanish authorities and the world of football.

Activist Vítor Gonzales Santos, of the Emancipa Network, told EFE that the seven people who were arrested for different racist acts against the Brazilian striker "are already being released. It's not punishment enough."

Another protester, Natália Stancioni, said that what happened in the match against Valencia "reflects a social problem that Spain has to face."

And he pointed out that the first reaction to the racist aggressions against Vini Jr. were "slow", although now, after the governments of Brazil and Spain have talked about the issue, he considered that progress is being seen.

"Now it seems that Spain is moving forward for a slightly deeper debate. It's time for Spain to review its laws," the activist said.

This Thursday there was also a similar demonstration in Rio de Janeiro and two days ago a hundred people gathered in front of the Spanish consulate in Sao Paulo in support of the footballer.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira said Wednesday that the governments of both countries are in "permanent contact" to find ways to put an end to racism in soccer and other sports.

Vieira spoke by telephone with his Spanish counterpart, José Manuel Albares, who has expressed the decision of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to "avoid" that these events are repeated and prevent them from going unpunished.

"Minister Albares expressed his full repudiation" and explained that what happened last Sunday at the Mestalla stadium during the match between Valencia and Real Madrid does not reflect "the characteristics of Spanish society," Vieira said.

The Government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has expressed its absolute and harsh repudiation against all forms of discrimination after the events of Sunday.

On Tuesday, the Equality Ministries of Spain and Brazil published a joint statement in which they condemned the racist aggression suffered by Vini Jr. and demanded that it not go "unpunished."

They also expressed their "unconditional solidarity" with the Real Madrid player and demanded that all competent institutions respond "with the utmost diligence to take action" in the face of this and other cases of racism that arise in the field of sport.

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