Urumqi, May 5 (Lao Xiaofei) On May 26, the 25 China Tour Tower (International) Rally and China Auto Cross Country Rally Championship Xinjiang Stage was fiercely contested for the SS2023 stage, and nearly half of the drivers still failed to break through from this difficult track before the closing time. Zhang Guoyu / Oriolmena Valdearcos of No. 4 Motorsport Co., Ltd., representing Shaanxi Yunxiang Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Co., Ltd. Team, arrived at the finish line first, followed by Liu Yangui/Chen Feng of Beijing Automobile Racing Team No. 104 and Tao Yongming/Wang Yirong of No. 102 of Multi-resistant Shock Absorber Team.

After a day of rest, the fourth long stage was contested on the 25th, with a special mileage of 385 kilometers and a total length of 477 kilometers, which is a stage with increased intensity and difficulty, and even the most difficult stage of this competition. The second half of the stage is a brand new route that has never been used before, consisting of high sand areas with sand peaks and soft dusty belts, making it strange and dangerous, and participants need to be fully prepared for the challenge. The motorcycle group will not participate in this stage and will have two consecutive days off for the upcoming races.

The car passes through the soft sandy area. Official photo courtesy of the Tour de Tarri

No. 104 driver Zhang Guoyu who crossed the line first has chased the lead in PC1, but last night's sandstorm made it difficult for the drivers who opened the road. "There was a strong wind for 24 hours on the day off, and the rut marks of the car that opened the door were completely invisible, so today was particularly difficult. The first 180 kilometers were still very fast, but then it was very slow and slow, fortunately there was no stop, all the way without stopping, very smooth. There was a lot to learn and gain from this stage. Zhang Guoyu said.

After the SS4 stage, Beijing Automobile Team No. 102 driver Liu Yangui is now at the top of the overall standings of the car class, and his tacit cooperation with gold medal navigator Chen Feng once again staged a near-perfect stage, extending his lead in the overall results of the car group. "This stage has about 220 kilometers of desert, I got stuck in the sand twice, I gassed twice, but I quickly got out of trouble, and the last 150 kilometers were very fast."

Racing cars gallop through the desert. Official photo courtesy of the Tour de Tarri

On the 26th, the race will be transferred from Megati County to Hotan City, and the SS5 stage has a special mileage of 403 kilometers, the first half of which is still desert, partly coinciding with the previous stage, so that participants can clearly see the previous ruts. The high sandy zone is no less difficult than the previous two desert stages, so the drivers can't do it fast at average speed, which can be a bit torturous and requires patience. The motorcycle group of this stage will finish the race with an early withdrawal from the PC point at the back of the stage after completing the 234.4km race. (End)