Durban, May 5 (Zhongxin News Agency) (Reporter Wang Xi) On May 25, local time in South Africa, the individual competitions of the 5 Durban World Table Tennis Championships continued to be contested.

In the men's singles quarterfinals, all five members of the Chinese men's team appeared. Wang Chuqin, who appeared first, faced the challenge of Portugal's Glardo. In the end, Wang Chuqin swept his opponent in straight sets and easily advanced to the quarterfinals of men's singles; Fan Zhendong, who appeared later, swept Germany's Qiu Dang with the same score; Liang Jingkun, now ranked fifth in the world, was blocked by a four-game victory against European champion Dako Jochik of Slovakia, who narrowly won 4-2 in six sets; Malone won equally easily, beating South Korea's Lim Jong-hoon 4-0; Lin Gaoyuan defeated Chinese Taipei's Lin Yunru 4-1.

Liang Jingkun said that the key to winning against opponents who have defeated him twice before is that he has always told himself to be more decisive in his playing style and key ball handling; Wang Chuqin said that after many competitions, he has gradually adapted to the rhythm of the game, paid more attention and is easier to devote himself to the game.

In the women's singles quarterfinal, Tokyo Olympic women's singles champion Chen Meng suffered a little twist and turn, but fortunately adjusted her state in time to regain control of the competition, and defeated Japan's Miyu Kihara 4:2; Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu easily defeated South Korea's Shin Yubin and Germany's Nina Mitram 4:0 and 4:1 respectively; Wang Yidi took Japan's Miyu Hirano 4:0; Chen Xingtong completed the comeback after falling behind twice, defeating Chinese Taipei's Zheng Yijing 4-3.

In the doubles match, the men's doubles court ushered in a "Chinese derby", and in the end, Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin fought hard for four sets, defeating their teammates Lin Gaoyuan and Lin Shidong 3:1 to advance to the semifinals; In the women's doubles match, Chen Meng and Wang Yidi swept the Japanese team's strong players Mimato Ito and Hina Hayata 3:0, and Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha defeated Chinese Taipei pair Zheng Yijing and Li Yuzhen by the same score, both reaching the final four.

In the mixed doubles competition, Lin Shidong and Qu Man lost a good game in the duel with Japanese strong players Tomokazu Zhang and Hina Hayada, and the two were defeated by their opponents three cities in a row when they won one game first, and they lost 1:3, eating the first foreign defeat of the Chinese team in this World Table Tennis Championships. Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha fought hard to the tiebreaker, defeating the Hong Kong pair of Huang Zhenting and Du Kaixuan 3:2 to reach the final, and they will compete with Zhang Benzhihe and Hina Hayata for the mixed doubles championship of the World Table Tennis Championships. (End)