Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels took batting practice on the field for the first time in about a month before the game against the Red Sox on the 23rd and made a series of big hits that carried him to the stands.

In Major League Baseball and professional baseball, players take turns batting practice on the field before games, but Ohtani basically does not participate in outdoor batting practice during the season, but takes batting practice indoors.

However, on the 23rd, he participated in outdoor batting practice at Angel Stadium, his home base, and showed a spectacular hit, swinging the bat 31 times and 18 of them went over the fence, more than half.

It has been about a month since April 4 against the Yankees in New York that Ohtani took batting practice before an official game, and the first time in about a year since last April.

Last month, Ohtani explained the purpose of batting practice outdoors, saying, "I can't do that much indoors, so I would like to do it a little bit in the future."

After batting practice, he worked on his routine of hitting the wall against the outfield fence and playing catch, making adjustments as a pitcher.

In between practice sessions, he exchanged words with Red Sox player Masanao Yoshida, who was practicing defense in the outfield, with a smile, and when he left the field, he was seen talking with the opposing team's manager, Coach Cora.