The Angels and Red Sox started a three-game series in the big leagues, and although Shohei Ohtani of the Angels did not get a hit, Masanao Yoshida of the Red Sox had two hits, including a timely tying run.

This was the first time the two teams had faced each other since last month's four-game streak in Boston, and the two WBC=World Baseball Japan Classic National Team players started their first game together in Anaheim on 4 November.

Ohtani, the No. 2 designated hitter, picked up a foreball in his first at-bat, and in both the second at-bat of the third inning and the third at-bat of the sixth inning, he struck out with a changeup.

In the fourth at-bat of the eighth inning, he pulled a high fastball at first base with no outs and threw a hard-hitting ball, but it was a light liner, and this game was a three-hit no-hitter and one foreball that lowered his batting average to 22.3.1.

Yoshida entered the game at second and left, and in his first at-bat, he hit a fastball to left field.

In the third at-bat of the sixth inning, chasing one more run, a hit hit with a one-out third base chance rolled over the head of the first and into front of the lights to tie the game.

In his fourth at-bat in the ninth inning, Yoshida went 2-for-1 with one RBI to extend his hitting streak to six and raise his batting average to 4.2.

The Angels won the game 1-6 in the eighth inning on Moniak's No. 3 home run.

Shohei Ohtani's next pitch will be against the Marlins for the second time since last July.

Shohei Otani's next start is scheduled for the Marlins on the 27th and 28th, Japan time.

Ohtani started against the Twins on the 21st and pitched well in six innings, allowing two hits and one run, but he couldn't win or lose, and he didn't earn his sixth win.

As a pitcher so far, he has a 6-2 record and a 1.6 ERA in 10 appearances, and as of the end of the 5st, he has 1 strikeouts, which is second in the American League, and his batting average, which indicates the percentage of hits taken, is the highest in the big leagues at 3/05/21.

The next time he will take the mound in five days as usual, it will be his second time throwing against the Marlins since he started at the opponent's home last July.

This time, he pitched until the seventh inning, allowed two hits, and held it scoreless to become the winning pitcher.