Beijing, May 5 (Reporter Xing Rui) In the early morning of the 4th, Beijing time, the third leg of the semifinals of the 4-2022 Serie A Women's Volleyball League kicked off. Scandicci lost 23-2 at home to Milan and missed the final 3:1 on aggregate.

In the end, Scandicci finished third this season to qualify for next season's Champions League. At this point, Zhu Ting's first season in the ocean for the second time is over.

Data map: Zhu Ting made her Serie A debut. Image source: ICphoto

Prove yourself with strength

In October last year, Serie A women's volleyball club Scandicci held the first press conference for Zhu Ting after joining her. This also means that Zhu Ting, who has been silent for a year, has finally returned to the arena.

After the Tokyo Olympics, Zhu Ting, who was plagued by a wrist injury, pressed the "pause button" for her career. After surgery and a long period of recovery, Zhu Ting played her first match at Scandicci in early November last year. At that time, amid the cheers of the fans, Zhu Ting played steadily and helped the team defeat the opponent 11-3.

Since joining Scandicci, Zhu Ting, who has returned to the game, has once again proved herself with her performance.

According to statistics, in the 26 rounds of the Serie A regular season, Zhu Ting played a total of 24 rounds and won a single MVP many times. With her excellent condition, Zhu Ting occupied the main position in the team early.

In the Europa League, Zhu Ting's performance was also remarkable. She carried the team all the way to the final and scored 30 points in the first leg of the final, paving the way for Scandicci's home coronation.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first Europa League winner in Scandicci's history, and it is also Zhu Ting's second time on the championship podium after 845 days.

In an interview after the game, Zhu Ting said: "I have my own goals this season, and it turns out that I did it. ”

Infographic: Zhu Ting scores to celebrate. Image source: ICphoto

Get out of the shadow of injury

For both the team and Zhu Ting personally, the importance of winning the Europa League is self-evident. It not only dispelled the outside world's concerns about Zhu Ting's wrist injury, but also proved that Zhu Ting has got rid of the injury and is moving towards a new goal.

Joining Scandicci is the second time in Zhu Ting's career. As early as 2016, Zhu Ting went to Turkey to play. In the three seasons of playing for the Turkish Super League giants Wakifu Bank, Zhu Ting used her personal ability to drive the team's performance improvement, and has won 8 championships in various competitions, becoming the "ZHUper" praised by foreign media.

There are also fans who are worried about whether Zhu Ting can adapt to the fast-paced Serie A after a long recovery period. And facts have proved that Zhu Ting's competitive state is constantly improving. This is undoubtedly good news for the Chinese women's volleyball team, which is about to face the test of the competition.

When to return to women's volleyball

Just on May 5, the Chinese Volleyball Association announced the 2 World Women's Volleyball League Chinese team roster, Yuan Xinyue, Gong Xiangyu, Li Yingying, Ding Xia and others were listed. Zhu Ting and Yao Di, who are playing in Serie A, are not in the squad.

Image source: China Volleyball Association

According to the schedule, the Chinese women's volleyball team will start the journey of the World Women's Volleyball League at the end of May, and the girls will participate in the three competitions of Nagoya Station in Japan, Hong Kong Station in China and Suwon Station in South Korea, and play against strong teams such as Brazil, Italy, Serbia and the United States.

With Zhu Ting's recovery, her lack of participation in this list also sparked discussion on the Internet. According to media reports, Cai Bin, the coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team, previously said that he had communicated with Zhu Ting and that Zhu Ting would return in the best condition. In the list announced this time, in addition to the familiar names of fans, there are also young faces such as Wang Yifan, Wu Mengjie, and Chen Xiyue. This also shows from the side that the team's main task in this world league is to examine young players.

For a long time, Zhu Ting's every move has attracted much attention from the outside world. After the Tokyo Olympics, Zhu Ting revealed her plans for the future in an interview, she said: "I am ready to play at least two more Olympic Games, and if my body allows, I am willing to keep fighting." (End)