The Japan artistic swimming team opened their practice sessions to the public in Tokyo, and Yotaro Sato, who is scheduled to participate in the World Championships, which will be held under the new rules that allow men to participate in team events, expressed his enthusiasm for "playing a role as a strong man."

The rules for artistic swimming have changed this season, with ▽ scoring and adding points for each technique, 100 points will no longer be a perfect score, and ▽ In team events,

up to two men can participate.

Against this backdrop, the Japan National Team players opened to the media the training sessions they are holding in Tokyo in preparation for the World Championships to be held in Fukuoka City in July.

The players were aiming for a difficult performance in which they continuously performed high foot techniques from the underwater state in order to get a high score under the new rules, and they repeatedly confirmed it.

Sato, a first-year university student, won the silver medal in the mixed duet at last year's World Championships with her sister Yuka, and will compete in the mixed duet at the World Championships in July, as well as in the team events and the newly established men's solo events.

After the international tournament to be held in France next month, they will start training in team events, so on the 1rd, I checked on their performance with Yuka.

After the practice, SATO Yotaro said, "It will be a match with new rules, but I will do my best to win the gold medal in the mixed duet. In team events, the boys have more muscle strength than the women's, so I think I can play a role in making the older athletes fly high. I'm not good at soloing, and I'm worried about whether I'll be able to show my strength, but I think it's an event that attracts attention, so I want to do my best in my own way until the end."