Skellefteå lost their second straight final and are now down 2-0 when the series turns back to Småland.

"They are strong around both goals and especially around own goals. We have to find a way to get in," Nilsson told SVT Sport.

Skellefteå was down 2-0 also against Örebro in the semi-finals, but then they turned to 4-2 in games.

"We are confident in this situation and in what we are doing. We will continue, says Nilsson.

The defender is harshly critical of the fact that there was no penalty at the end of the game when he lost his helmet and a couple of teeth in a duel with Växjö's top scorer Dan Sexton.

"He emptied his whole jaw at me, and it comes to nothing. On an afterthought! It's hard to understand.

Skellefteå star Pär Lindholm also directs some criticism at the judges.

"I don't know if it's worth commenting on the referees after the game," he told SVT Sport.

It still sounds like you have an opinion?

"You do, but I think all the players on the ice do.

Do you mean that Växjö could have received more deportations?

"Yes, I think so. The players in Växjö may think differently, but I think we push the game so much that we could have brought more.

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See the Växjö goalkeeper's incredible save in the Swedish Championship final Photo: C More/Bildbyrån