Beijing, April 4 (ZXS) -- On the 12th Beijing time, the Chinese women's football team, which is training overseas, played a warm-up match with the Spanish team, and the Chinese team was in a state of suppression throughout the whole process, and finally lost 12:0. This year, the Chinese women's football team went overseas to train, and the record against the European women's national team was 3 draws and 2 losses, and there was no victory.

At the 2019 Women's World Cup, China and Spain were in the same group, when the two sides exchanged white rolls in the group stage. Thanks to the rapid development of the women's La Liga, the Spanish women's football team has improved rapidly in recent years and is currently ranked seventh in the world. Despite the absence of many of Spain's main players in this game, they still have the absolute upper hand in the game.

Spain quickly took the initiative after the start of the game, and in the 29th minute, Chinese goalkeeper Xu Huan made a mistake and Gonzalez's shot was thrillingly blocked by Zhang Rui in front of the goal line. China launched a threatening attack in the 31st minute, Zhang Rui diagonally crossed from the right, Zhang Linyan burst into the box and her powerful shot was saved by the opposing goalkeeper. Spain broke the deadlock in the 45th minute when Castillo crossed from the right and Avellera scored from distance in front of the penalty area to give Spain a 1-0 lead.

In the second half, China found some chances, in the 48th minute Zhang Linyan cut inside the left flank and shot wide, in the 52nd minute Zhang Linyan received a pass from Wang Shuang and burst into the left side of the box, dangling past the opposing defender and shooting, but was saved by the opposing goalkeeper. In the 61st minute, Castillo picked up the ball in the box and calmly scored after bypassing a number of Chinese players. Spain scored another goal in the 81st minute when Redondo scored with a header from a corner kick.

In the end, the Chinese women's team lost 0-3 to Spain. From the perspective of match data, the Chinese team is at a disadvantage across the board, with only 31% possession and only 7 shots on target in 3 shots, while the Spanish women's football team has 19 shots and 11 shots on target. This year, the Chinese women's football team went to Europe to train against four national teams, with a record of losing 1:4 to Sweden, drawing 0:0 against Ireland, drawing 0:0 with Switzerland, and losing 0:3 to Spain, scoring only one goal and conceding seven goals.

At this year's Women's World Cup, China will compete in the same group as Denmark, Haiti and England. Shui Qingxia, the head coach of the Chinese team, has repeatedly said that compared with the European strong teams, the Chinese women's football team has a gap in many aspects, and the Chinese team needs to have a correct positioning and constantly learn from the strong teams.

After the European training, Chinese female footballers will return to their respective clubs to prepare for the league, and will continue to assemble to prepare for the World Cup after the end of the domestic women's super league. (End)