Norway's soccer star Ada Hegerberg came into the spotlight when she read out a letter in mid-March from a woman who had lost her husband while he was a migrant worker in Qatar ahead of the World Cup held late last year.

Now she is speaking out about why she thinks it is important to make her voice heard.

"That's a very important theme and a big problem. I think there is a huge responsibility on us footballers. I know I am in a position to speak out. Football is so much more than just a sport, says Ada Hegerberg.

What has the reaction been like after the video?

"It's been very positive. I feel that we have highlighted a subject that affects a great many people. The supporters have great power, because football is nothing without them.

Zlatan paid tribute to Qatar

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a slightly different view of Qatar and the arrangement and praised the country at a press conference before Sweden's European Championship qualifying matches the other week.

"My family and I were there for two days. The organization, ten points. The experience, ten points. The match, ten points. The audience, ten points. The food ten points. The journey, ten points. Everything was ten points," Ibrahimovic said.

Ada Hegerberg:

"It's up to everyone what they do with their own platform. But we footballers should stand united and help each other to move the sport in the right direction.

Hear more about Hegerberg's reasoning about the future of football in the clip above.