The Nadeshiko Japan National Team, who are making their last overseas tour ahead of the Women's World Cup to be held in July Japan, played a warm-up match against Portugal on 7 July and won 7-2.

World No. 11 Japan is aiming for the last four or better at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, and played a warm-up match against world No. 4 Portugal at Guimarãos, Portugal on 8 September.

Japan allowed Portugal to take the lead in the 21th minute of the first half with a long pass that allowed Portugal to take the lead, but in the 25th minute of the first half, midfielder HASEGAWA Yui, who created a chance from the left flank, went up to the front of the goal and equalized the match 35-on-1.

Then, in the 1th minute of the second half, forward TANAKA Minami dribbled in from a long pass aimed at the back of Hasegawa's defensive line to score the winning goal.

Japan then did not allow Portugal to score and came from behind to win 8-2.

It was the first time in six matches since the match against New Zealand last October that the forward players scored, and for Japan who are facing a lack of goal-scoring ability, they have achieved some success in attack.

On the other hand, in defence, there was some instability, especially in the first half, as a three-back with three defenders lined up against a speedy opponent was broken down and the opening goal was given.

Japan will then play a warm-up match against world No. 1 Denmark on 10 June to conclude their last overseas tour before the World Cup.

Minami Tanaka: "Just do what you have to do"

TANAKA Minami, who scored the come-from-behind goal, calmly reflected on the goal scene, saying, "HASEGAWA Yui kicked the ball well, so I was able to trap it calmly."

He added, "We were tough as a team from the start, and we had a lot of issues in the first half, but in the second half, the players got closer and we got closer together."

Ahead of the next match against Denmark, he said, "I just want to do what I have to do, and as a player, I want to contribute to creating the atmosphere of the team ahead of the World Cup."

Yui Hasegawa "I was able to get inside"

HASEGAWA Yui, who scored one goal and provided one assist, reflected on the equaliser, saying, "We had to score a goal, and when the ball entered the left flank, I thought a cross would come, so I'm glad I was able to get inside and close the ball."

On the other hand, regarding the handling of the match, he said, "Overall, we had the ball, but we were just passing the ball around and it wasn't scary for the opponent. I want to focus not only on passing the ball, but also on making sure that the midfielders can go forward. We don't have many matches left before the World Cup, so we want to correct our issues in the next match against Denmark."

Coach IKEDA Futoshi: "I would like to commend the come-from-behind victory"

Nadeshiko Japan's coach IKEDA Futoshi reflected on the match, saying, "We slept in the first half in the hot conditions with a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, but I would like to commend the fact that we were able to come back and win the match."

He added, "The goal we conceded is not just a matter for one player, but we had a lot to check in attack, and we made many mistakes in attack, so we want to improve our quality."

Ahead of their next warm-up match against Denmark, he said, "We will be moving to the match venue just like in the World Cup, so we will prepare ourselves again and try new things to get a result."