In the men's curling world championship Japan, they lost to Switzerland 10-6 in the 7th round of the qualifying round, and lost two consecutive games, improving to 2-5 in the qualifying round.

The men's curling world championship in Ottawa, Canada, features 13 participating teams in a round-robin format, with the top six advancing to the semifinals and playoffs.

World No. 6 Japan lost to world No. 10 Norway 6-9 in the ninth round of the qualifying round on 7 September, before facing Switzerland, who are ranked 4th in the world and the No. 7 in the qualifying league so far, in their 10th match.

Japan took a 5-1 lead in the fifth end, when they were able to create an advantage for Switzerland in the back attack, and they were able to score a draw shot in the last shot, and they scored three goals in one fell swoop to turn the game around.

In the eighth end, which added one more goal, Japan scored two points due to an opponent's mistake to tie the game at 2-1, and in the ninth end, Japan, skip YANAGISAWA Lee scored an exquisite draw shot with the last shot to win the game.

However, in the final 5th end, the disadvantageous Japan of the first attack persevered until the end, but Switzerland scored two goals after being knocked out by Stone with their last shot and lost 3-1.

Japan lost two in a row, and their head-to-head record in the preliminary round was 8 wins, 2 losses, and 5 draws.

YAMAGUCHI Takeshi said, "It was good that we persevered despite being pushed away in the first half.