Jean-Baptiste Sarrazin 20:50 pm, April 06, 2023

Exceptional guest of the program "Europe 1 Sport", the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra commented on the reception of a baby of a player in Clairefontaine, a first in French football. A subject that was close to her heart and that she intends to extend to the male sports environment.

If there is one subject that was close to Amélie Oudéa-Castéra's heart, it is motherhood in sport. Exceptional guest of the program Europe 1 Sport (every evening from 20 hours to 23 hours), the Minister of Sports welcomed the arrival of a baby in Clairefontaine. Lyon's Amel Majri returned to Les Bleues with her nine-month-old Maryam. "This is a subject that is particularly dear to me, on which I dedicated a whole morning of work with the actors of French sport on March 6," explained the former director general of the FFT.

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