It was set up for a thriller. One point was all that separated first place Ida Dahl from runner-up Magni Smedås in the battle for the long-distance race title.

But when Ski Classics were decided, it was never very exciting. Smedås drove with a retaining wall, Ida Dahl did not – a move that became decisive.

Dahl, who yesterday had a "night black" experience on the track, was reborn and took the lead in the quartet of skaters who broke free. All four were staked without a retaining wall.

Magni Smedås looked tired and had nothing to resist when the jolt came. On the other hand, Astrid Öyre Slind both caught up and won the 70-kilometer race in magically beautiful northern Norway.

Ida Dahl finished second, but of course was delighted with the overall victory and crossed the finish line with a smile on her face.